Baby Care Tips for New Parents

During the first ten days, it can be overwhelming to take care of a new-born and your days will be full.

With these baby care tips for new parents, you’ll feel a lot calmer and more self-assured.


Helpful tips designed to minimise that sense of overwhelm when you arrive home with your bundle of joy. So you can enjoy every precious minute. #babycaretipsfornewparents #babycaretips #childcaretips #newborncareA new-born may feel delicate and fragile to you, but don’t feel hesitant to handle, touch or hold her.

Studies reveal that babies who are held for more than two hours daily flourish and cry less. Skin-to-skin contact (also known as Kangaroo Mother Care) is best.

Remember, a newborn’s neck muscles are not developed yet, so make sure you are supporting her neck whenever you pick her up. Support her head with the other hand while carrying her or against your shoulder.


One of the most significant challenges for new moms is bathing a baby for the first time. Make sure you have all the baby accessories ready before she arrives so that you can spend as much time with your little one as possible.

If your baby has a lot of hair, you can try a gentle baby shampoo, and don’t be scared to gently wash over the soft spot (fontanels) on your baby’s head.

Choosing baby products for a new-born

Parenting care tips are not complete with some guidelines on how to select the right baby products. The ideal baby products to keep in mind are those that are not harsh on a baby’s skin or their eyes.

Baby products must be:

Gentle, safe, mild

When you are dealing with skin as delicate than those of a baby, then safety is paramount. The products you’re using must be safe for a new-born baby’s skin.

Tested for allergens

Allergens are all around us and there is probably no substance that can be claimed to be wholly free of any allergic reaction.

However, when a product is considered safe for babies, it must have been tested and proved negative for any allergic reactions. In other words, it must be a clinically proven mild product.


Many new-born parents will be amazed at how many diapers a baby goes through, especially during the first few weeks. To make it a little easier on yourself, start accumulating diapers before bringing baby home.

Also, prepare yourself for nappy rashes since most babies between the age of 0-2 years will develop a diaper rash at some point.

Once you notice the first sign of redness, make sure you apply a safe but effective bum cream with a zinc oxide base.

To keep the diaper areas dry, be sure to apply bum cream with every diaper change. This will keep out moisture and lower friction on the skin, offering full protection.


For those who have a pretty hectic lifestyle and are always on the run, washing hands is simply not going to do the trick.

Wipes are perfect for keeping baby clean, comfy and feeling fresh. Remember to buy baby wipes that are hypoallergenic with no alcohol or fragrance that are enriched with Vitamin E.


Many healthcare professionals will recommend breast milk for babies and there is a range of benefits associated with nursing for both moms and babies.

Unfortunately, not all moms can breastfeed due to special circumstances or medical reasons. Consult with your baby’s paediatrician on the best formula to feed your newborn efficiently.

Even Moms that are not breastfeeding can still hold their babies close to them while they are feeding. Cuddles during nursing or bottle-feeding can help immensely to build a strong and loving bond between yourself and your baby.


We hope that these baby care tips have been helpful to you as a new parent.

Remember, motherhood can be a challenging experience, but also highly rewarding. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Tell yourself every now and again that you are a great Mom and that you are doing what’s best for your baby.

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Happy parenting.

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  1. Zoe Campos

    Thanks for reminding me that I should only use products that are safe for the infant’s skin. I’m trying to look for tips that can help me look after my niece since my sister is leaving town for a few weeks. Maybe I should just tell them to look for a child care facility and let professionals look after their child since they know better.


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