Tips to Make Breastfeeding Relaxing and Enjoyable

Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom

Contributed by The Baby Station

Nursing a child is part of a mother’s natural instincts. It doesn’t always come easy and may be a little awkward in the beginning, but it is one of the most amazing ways to bond with your new baby. As any experienced mom will tell you, it gets easier with time and practice for those first-time moms who worry about whether or not they’re doing it right.

The first few times you nurse your baby it is natural to feel a bit tense, but changing your routine and making your surroundings more comfortable will help to relax you and your baby, making breastfeeding enjoyable for both you and your newborn.

Making your little one’s feeding and napping area as comfortable as possible will help you both to be relaxed and calm, something that is essential for success. For your feeding routine grab a snack, pillow, and a comfy chair and get settled in.

Here are a few essential items you will need for your nursery:

Breastfeeding my little one was pure joy. But it didn't start out that way. It takes a while to get comfy. Here are some awesome tips and a few essentials you need to have at hand. #breastfeedingtipsforanewmom #contributed #thebabystation A comfortable rocking chair or recliner

Babies love the rocking sensation and it calms them almost instantly. Get a chair that reclines or add a footstool for long feeding sessions. Your back will thank you for it.

A Boppy (or similar) pillow

These are wonderful tools, and one of the best investments you can make. They support the baby in a natural position, taking the tension off your arm and reducing back strain from leaning over. There are several in different colours and styles on the market to choose from.

A Nursing Bra

A nursing or feeding bra is an absolute must-have as it provides support to the breast while feeding, helps prevent sagging, and the convenient openings make it easy to feed on either breast without having to remove the entire bra.

Other items to have close by include:

Burp cloths

Feeding bibs

Breast pads

Nipple cream

Baby wipes

● Some fresh fruit

● Cheese & crackers

● Bottle of water

Benefits of Breastfeeding

A few benefits to the mother include:

  • losing pregnancy weight faster
  • your uterus returns to pre-pregnancy size
  • your risk of ovarian cancer is reduced
  • your metabolism stays high through frequent meals and snacks, which helps you shed extra pounds without dieting

Besides the benefits to the mother, there are benefits that the baby gets as well. 

Breast milk is the perfect food for most infants, except in cases of lactose intolerance or feeding issues that make it impossible. The baby gets natural immunities from the mother that continue through breastfeeding, as well as getting all the nutrients they need for healthy brain development.

Another benefit is that it creates a special bond between you and your baby that lasts a lifetime. Nursing your baby does more than just provide nutrition for her body, it nurtures a healthy relationship between the two of you that will last far beyond her school years and into adulthood.

Breastfeeding Tips

Some mothers are content to just stare in amazement at their little bundle while feeding, and that’s good, but after a while, you may want something else to do while they’re nursing to keep you from falling asleep. Here are a few ideas.

● Eat a healthy snack

● Listen to audio books or podcasts

● Catch up on your favourite shows on Netflix or Hulu

It is important to make your designated nursing area as comfortable and functional as you need it. You will be spending a lot of time here, so decorate the space with items designed to bring comfort and convenience for you. Having everything you need handy and within reach makes feeding your baby a joyful, relaxing experience.

Note from the Editor:

I used every single item in this post, except for the rocking chair. That was the one thing I really, really wanted but we never got around to buying. If I’m ever lucky enough to have another baby to nurse, I’ll definitely be getting myself one. What was indispensable to you when you started breastfeeding?

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