Thoughtful Ways To Support a Loved One in Family Hospice Care

It can be traumatic to discover that one of your loved one’s is terminally ill.  A diagnosis like this impacts everyone in the family and friendship circle.  This is exactly why hospice care is not only extended to the patient who is ill or near the end of life. Their services also offer support and compassion to the family members of the patient.

When your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal disease, it is not always easy to talk about the appropriate end of life options. Family hospice care services are aimed at making the process easier by giving family members guidance and information about end of life care.

These certified professionals offer invaluable support to give families peace of mind while making the transition to hospice more comfortable for both the patient and his or her family.

Family Hospice Care – Multifaceted Care For The Patient And The Family

Hospice Care

Once families receive the devastating diagnosis of a family member being terminally ill, everyone grieves. Even if you are not the patient, you are seen as an essential family member who will most likely play an essential role in the patient’s care team.

Throughout his or her illness, and after his or her death, you will need care and support from professionals that deal with the process on a regular basis.

Hospice family care involves a dedicated team of palliative care providers and hospice employees who not only think about the patient’s wellbeing but also that of the loving family members.

Hospice care is not the same as standard care that is provided by hospitals and medical facilities. Hospice family care services use a multifaceted approach to make sure both the family’s and the patient’s needs are met.

Family Hospice Care Billing

Medicare Part A and Hospice offer benefits to terminally-ill patients whose wish is to stay in their homes. The Medicare hospice care guidelines can be comprehensive and arduous which can make reimbursement and billing tricky to understand.

Learn more about hospice billing solutions now to start making those important end of life care decisions for someone you care about deeply.

15 Thoughtful Ways To Support a Loved One in Family Hospice Care

You don’t have to feel helpless when a loved one is facing a terminal illness. Here are 15 meaningful ways to support a loved one in family hospice care.You don’t have to feel helpless when a loved one is facing a terminal illness.

There are meaningful ways to support a loved one in family hospice care.

  1. Remain the same loved one or friend that you have always been and don’t avoid the patient.
  2. Always call before you pay them a visit, and don’t be afraid to visit them. They are most likely feeling isolated and lonely. Ask them if there is something they need and what time is appropriate to visit.
  3. Physical touch can go a long way in supporting them. A mere squeeze of their hand or a hug can show them that you care.
  4. Try to stay positive. A positive attitude is transmittable.
  5. Show them that you care by cooking their favourite meal and place it in a disposable container so there is no need for them to worry about returning it.
  6. Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid to share your emotions.  Cry with them or share a good laugh with them.
  7. You don’t always have to talk. Sometimes simply being there, sitting quietly together is all they need for comfort.
  8. Offer to take care of his or her children. They might need some alone time with their family members or the children might need a break.
  9. If the patient feels up to it and has no medical restrictions, maybe take them out for a cup of coffee or doing something that they find enjoyable. It might do them good to get out and away from their everyday surroundings.
  10. Offer to drive them to the doctor or the grocery store.
  11. Make a shopping list with essentials and have it delivered to their home.
  12. Talk to your loved ones about their illness and ask them how they feel. Pray with them, if appropriate.
  13. Send a card with the words “I care”.
  14. Bring them a small gift, some flowers, or a hamper with their favourite treats.
  15. Water their plants or offer to help with dishes, light housekeeping tasks, or laundry.


It is never easy to deal with a terminal illness, especially if it is a close friend or family member that you care about deeply. I hope these thoughtful ways to support a loved one or friend in family hospice care has given you some inspiration and ideas on how you can show them that you care and are there for them whenever they need you.

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