A Simple Guide To Texturizing Your Interior

Warning: The contributed post below is not for you if you’re into the minimalist look.  However, it definitely is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to add texture to an interior to create that happy, homely, feminine feel to your living space.  Enjoy…

A Simple Guide To Texturizing Your Interior

Texturizing your interior can be the difference between having an interior that looks amazing and professionally put together, or an interior that looks as if you just haphazardly threw things together without a second thought.

Most people don’t realize that when their interior is missing something or seems a little dull, all they have to do is add more texture, and voila! It looks amazing and cosy.

This simple guide to texturizing your interior will help you to get it right:

Layer Your Cushions

Adding cushions and layering them up is one of the easiest ways to add texture to your interior. Add cushions to your sofa, to your bed, and anywhere else you can. The more the merrier!

Use different shapes, patterns, and sizes to create a cool look and make each piece of furniture in your home look good enough to jump on.

Add Throws And Rugs

Throws and rugs are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere at home and help to add even more texture. You can do this in the bedroom, living room, lounge, and any other room that calls for it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, either – just having them there for show will keep the place looking warm and cosy rather than cold and uninviting. Your goal should be to make guests really want to settle down when they enter your home, stroking as many different pieces and fabrics along the way!

Include Lots Of Leafy Green Plants

Leafy green plants are absolutely perfect, as they purify the air and make us happier just by us looking at them (proven by science). They’re basically a health necessity!

Not just that, they’re beautiful and will add lots of texture to any room. Choose plants of different types and sizes to make sure your home has enough texture and life.

You can also add flowers, fruits, and other natural items to bring your interior to life.

Just make sure that each plant you bring into your home is easy for you to maintain, and that it isn’t toxic or dangerous for children and pets.

If you don’t want to have to maintain your plants, it can be better to buy realistic looking fake versions instead. Don’t be afraid to incorporate lots of leafy green plants in one room! Check out Pinterest to see how this looks.

Include As Many Different Materials And Textiles As You Can

Including lots of different materials and textiles is the goal, so think about what you can include and how. You could make your own wooden shelves or headboard out of a solid piece of wood from a place like George Hill Timber, or you could select a cool sheepskin rug to give a Hygge feel to your lounge area. Do your research and make a mood board to help you.

Avoid Including Toxic Materials

Remember that although you want to include lots of materials, you don’t want to bring toxic materials into your home. Carpet, for example, is outdated for the most part and can trap dust and allergens in the fibres.

So… I’m curious… are you going to add texture to your interior?   Or do you prefer a minimalist look?

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