10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden (on a Budget)

How to Spruce Up Your Garden

Now that we’ve finished with our home renovations, our garden is left looking very sad.  But, of course, all our spare cash (and then some) has gone into the build, so we have to look for thrifty ways to transform our garden into a paradise.

10 Cost-Saving Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden

Economical garden ideas are easily achievable and can be done by anyone, even those that don’t have green fingers. You can even enlist the help of your children to turn this project into an outdoor family project.

Here are 10 ways you can transform your garden on a tight budget.

Is your garden in need of some TLC? Here are some brilliant, budget-friendly fixes you can try today. #howtospruceupyourgarden #gardeningtips #homeandgarden1.       Painting of Old Pot Plants

Adding a fresh coat of paint in your favourite colours to old pot plants can instantly give your garden a new personality and save you some cash.

2.       Fertilizing Your Lawn

Many gardeners advise fertilizing your lawn at least one to four times a year, depending on the size of your garden. It only takes about two hours maximum and it can make your lawn look healthier.

Filling up unadorned patches and preventing weeds from growing can make your lawn more resistant and long-lasting. You can easily obtain sensibly priced fertilizers from local garden centres, supermarkets and DIY stores.

You can also make your own fertiliser from the wood ash in your fireplace.

3.       Alternatively, Consider Artificial Grass

Adding artificial grass can instantly spruce up your outdoor areas particularly if you’re considering low maintenance lawns or you have a small courtyard or a garden with limited space.

Not only can you transform your space into an attractive, child-friendly garden, but you also have the added benefits of no watering, fertilising or mowing and a high UV resistance. The lifespan of artificial grass is round about ten to fifteen years.

3.       Getting Rid of Weeds

It’s unavoidable to eliminate weed growth entirely. But if you spend time on removing them from the root when you’re cutting them out you can keep them at bay for a while at least.

Home remedies like salt and vinegar is an excellent way of getting rid of them instead of spending money on weed killers.

4.       Cleaning your patio

Grime has a way of quickly building up on the patio. Spending an hour scrubbing away the slabs can make a significant difference in bringing out the true colour and remember to dig up moss that has accumulated between the bricks.

5.       Revamping garden furniture

If your garden furniture is starting to look a bit worn-out or bleak, consider adding some new cushions and throws to spruce them up.

Another great tip to consider is taking the stuffing from the old ones and merely sewing new fabric around, creating brand-new seat cushions.

7.       Adding a Dash of Colour

Merely painting your fences, walls or shed, can add a better sense of light and instantly boost the aesthetic look of your garden.

By sanding down and painting these exterior elements it can be transformed into looking brand new. Instead of opting for white which can create a blunt effect, instead consider heritage creams, softer Mediterranean colours like stone or terracotta or gentle greens.

If your home has a contemporary look, you may find that Indian teals, citrus colours, raspberry pinks or gold blends in well with the modern architecture.

8.       Adding Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can provide some character to your garden and it can convert your outdoor area into a welcome sanctuary to enjoy during the warmer nights.

You have an extensive choice of battery-operated or solar-powered lights to choose from if you’re looking for a greener and more energy-saving applications.

Another well-liked option is adding string lights to your patio or pergola to give your backyard a festive ambience.

9.       Choosing the Right Plants

Before setting off to your local nursery or garden centre, it’s beneficial to first familiarize yourself with the type of plants you want for your garden.  Some plants thrive in direct sunlight, whereas others may be more suited for shady areas with only partial light.

  • For climbers, you can go for clematis, hydrangeas and certain varieties of camellia.
  • Containers can be filled with ornamental cabbages, hyacinths and graceful lilies.
  • Shrubs that flourish well in shaded areas are azalea, dogwood and rhododendron.
  • Another great tip to consider is planting perennials which is long-lasting like Forget-me-nots, Echinacea and lavender.

10.    Think about Topiary

Turning unappealing hedges or shrubs into something a little more artistic is easily done with topiary. A pair of garden scissors are the perfect tool for trimming those edges and making your garden appear tidy and neat.  You can find some simple online tutorials on the subject over at Country Life UK.


Sprucing up your garden and home doesn’t have to be a colossal project to take on. Wíth these handy tips, you can have your outdoor area look as good as new in no time.

Do you have a garden that is crying out for some attention, like ours? Which of these tips appeals to you most?

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