Building A Child-Friendly But Pretty Home

Kid Friendly Home Decor

Is it just me, or do most Moms feel like they are living around a constant mess?  As I clean, mess appears.  It’s a constant battle.  

I have this great plan of a HOOOGE throw-out these holidays.  It’s time for a Spring clean (even though it’s already High Summer).  Today I settled for a quick, temporary solution – I pulled a big box out of the garage and packed it full to the brim of all the toys lying around the lounge. (The box has since been half-unpacked in the dining room). 

Some great advice in this contributed post…

Building A Child-Friendly But Pretty Home

Whether your child is a 1-day-old or a 1-year-old, time will pass quickly. They’re going to grow and grow; you’ll hardly be able to keep up. And that means you need to put work into improving your house as soon as possible so that you’re building an environment in which your child has the freedom to grow comfortably and safely.

You might already have a child or perhaps you’re about to have your first; either way, you’re going to need more space in the house. Your home shouldn’t be “big enough”; it should have more space than you need. Look to the future.

Here’s how to build a child-friendly but pretty home.

Make better use of potential space.

You need to declutter to make your house safe and spacious. This will actually improve your interior design if anything.

If there’s still a lot of clutter after throwing out things you no longer need then you need to get more creative with your available space. If you’re not using the space under the stairs, for example, then this could become storage space for your little one or for the whole family.

The point is that your house needs to change in order to accommodate this brand new addition to the family and the extra space they’re going to need (because they won’t stay small and cute forever – they’ll grow big quickly).

And it’s not just about making sure the house looks aesthetically-pleasing or spacious; you’re also striving to create a safe environment for your child. You don’t want them tripping over things or feeling like they don’t have room to spread their wings as they start to explore.

Learn to balance a nice aesthetic and a safe home.

You don’t have to give up on making your home look nice once children start to take over the place but you do need to think practically.

Sharp corners on tables, for example, are a safety hazard to young children who are prone to running around and bumping their heads.

Still, there are ways to design a lavish home with safety nets in place to prevent injuries. You could browse through some options for affordable laminate flooring to give your kitchen a sleek look (obviously, carpet is no good in a cooking environment because food leaves stain marks). But you should keep hard flooring in the kitchen or the bathroom (areas in which your child won’t be allowed to run around) and use carpets or rugs in their bedroom and the living room.

Remember, your house can have a nice aesthetic but it needs to be practical once children enter the equation.

Make the interior design fun.

Most importantly, you need to turn your home into a vibrant and welcoming space.

You want your child to feel like they’re well and truly home; they should feel happy and safe in their own house. You don’t need to take your design options too seriously.

Your child’s tastes and preferences are going to change rapidly as they grow so you’ll likely update the design of their bedroom and the rest of the house to match these changes.

A child-friendly home is simply one which they can happily call home.

Aah, thanks… that gives me a breather. Children happy. Check. House beautiful. Err… still rather cluttered, but okay for now. How’s your house looking this Festive Season? How do you keep on top of things.

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