Let your Food be Your Medicine


I’ve always done my best to live by this quote by Hippocrates. I believe that the state of our health is directly related to our lifestyle choices – diet, exercise, the environment we live in etc.

And the first daily change that we all can make is so simple and yet so stupendously impactful, that I think it is largely overlooked.  Simply drink water… instead of carbonated soft drinks or sodas, fruit juice, milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, wine and so on.

Almost every health expert agrees that consuming 8 glasses a day of water is a must. Cheap and easy to do, right?  Yet do we do it?

Why not give it a try for a month? Substitute a glass of water for 8 of the drinks you have each day and notice any changes in how you look and feel.

For best results you’ll be looking to either cut down or cut out the “naughty” drinks you drink most often.  For example, if you currently knock back 2 litres of Coke or Pepsi a day, I’d seriously consider buying 2 litres of water instead.

Now if the mere thought of drinking water puts you off because you can’t stand the taste… or lack of it… you can use a few little tricks to get the water down. If you’re a big coffee or tea drinker, boil your water and drink it hot. Add a slice of lemon for a twist. Even lemon and honey now and again if you really need your sweet fix.  If it’s wine you prefer drinking, try drinking water with a slice of lemon in a beautiful wine glass. Get the idea?

You may find it hard to believe me now, but you may be surprised at how quickly water becomes your favourite drink.

Originally Posted on 31st July 2014 by Lauren Kinghorn


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