Great Ways to Spend Your “Me Time”

Moms Me Time

I’m loving that this contributed post came in today.  Because I’ve been meaning to write a post about Mommy Me Time ever since my delicious Spa Day last Thursday!  

My hubby treated me, I treated my Mom and we joined another 4 girlfriends for a heavenly day of relaxation and pure indulgence. We were totally spoiled, we had SEVEN Spa Treatments complete with breakast, lunch and a gorgeous cheese platter. Not to mention wine or sparkling wine on tap.

So have I found a great way to enjoy Me Time?  Ab-fab-olutely!

And after over 4 years with practically ZERO Spa or Beauty treatments, I think I deserve it. Goodness me, the last time I had a haircut was for my last birthday (10 months ago!).  We all know, as Moms, “Me Time” is generally in short supply. That’s why it’s essential to schedule in some self-care.  

And it doesn’t have to cost a cent, as you’ll see in the contributed post below…

Great Ways to Spend Your “Me Time”

As a mom, especially if you practice attachment parenting, “me time” probably isn’t something that you get much of. If any at all. Then, when you do, you might well find yourself feeling guilty about it. Don’t.

Sometimes, you need to do something for yourself, to recharge your batteries, refresh your energies and be the very best parent you can be, whether you are practising attachment parenting or not.

But, it can be a little overwhelming. You can spend weeks, or even months, longing for a little time on your own, and as much as you love your kids, it’s ok to admit that, only to find that when it comes, you haven’t got a clue what to do with it. Here are some ideas to help.


As parents, if there is one thing that we need, it’s more sleep. Treat yourself to a new mattress from Hypnos Beds so that whatever sleep you do manage to get is comfortable, deep and doesn’t hurt your back. Then, if you get some time to yourself, don’t worry about having to use it well, or make the most of it, if you need some extra sleep, get in bed and enjoy the rest.

Read a Book

Reading is something many people completely stop doing once they’ve had kids. There’s just not enough time. But, reading is an excellent way to escape from your real life and relax. Step into someone else’s shoes for a while and leave all of your problems behind.


Exercise might be the very last thing you feel like doing when you’re tired, hormonal and alone for the first time in months. Especially if you haven’t really done much since you had your children. But, if you’re not too tired, it can be a great idea. Exercise can make you feel better, boost your confidence and immunity, help reduce your stress levels, improve your circulation and make you feel energised and proud of yourself.

If you haven’t exercised for a while start slowly with a brisk walk around the park, or by trying the couch to 5k running program. If you suffer from injuries, you might prefer swimming. The water takes pressure off your joints making it easier and more comfortable. If you are ready for something more advanced, try a class at the local sports centre, gym or community centre. This can also be a fantastic way of meeting new people and socialising.

See Your Friends

If you’ve got great friends, you’ll probably still spend plenty of time with them now you’ve got children. But, it’s not quite the same.

If time away from the kids is in short supply, invite your friends over when the kids have gone to bed.

Cook a meal together or order a takeaway and spend some time talking and catching up. Have a good moan if you need it, it’s good for you.

However, you chose to spend time alone, enjoy yourself, embrace it, and don’t feel guilty. You’ll almost certainly be a better mom for it.

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Ooh yes, I can definitely vouch for that!  Feeling fantastic after my Spa Day and the plan is to have a lot more of them!  Oh, and by the way, I didn’t feel guilty at all. Not for one beautiful minute.

What are you doing for Me Time?

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