Celebrating Mothers Day 2018

Mothers Day 2018

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Mother’s Day has always been a special day on my calendar as it’s the day I get to treat my Mom to something special.

Since I became a Mom 4-and-a-half years ago, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Not just because I also get pampered and made to feel special on the day.  But because becoming a Mom was the most life-changing transition I have ever gone through.

Mommying enhances your life in so many ways.

First of all, giving birth is a right of passage. It’s the weirdest mix of heaven and hell, pleasure and pain, madness and miracle.  MIRACLE… You get to produce a real live human being. Waaaow.

And then there’s breastfeeding, which for me was just the most wonderful feeling in the whole wide world.  So wonderful I kept going until my son was completely done (which in our case was nearly 4 years).

And, of course, you make a whole new set of friends. In my case, this has given me the opportunity to make many younger friends as I’m usually the oldest Mom in a group of Moms.

Your social life is different as a Mom.  It usually involves a playdate of some sort. And coffee. Or wine. Or both.

So it’s usually in places you never found before you were a Mom, child-friendly spots with play areas. Out in nature.  In parks.  On beaches.  And home becomes one of the best places to be. You also become part of the furniture in other Mom’s homes.  It takes a village to raise a child.

Mothers Day 2018 JillAlexaAnd then there are all those precious Mommy Moments.  Their firsts.  Their jubiIation when they crack a new milestone. That day they pack away their toys without you even asking.  The little gifts they bring you.  The songs they softly sing away to themselves when they think no-one’s listening. Their whispered (or shouted) I loved you’s.

I paid tribute to my own Beautiful Mom on her 74th Birthday, which was just a couple of days ago, on the 8th May.

You can read that post here.

Celebrating MommyHeroes

Lynne Huysamen, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp and my Mom, JillAlexa at the #MommyHero #HappyEvent

My Mom and I just got spoilt rotten at the #MommyHero  #HappyEvent.

It was awesome to meet the other #MommyHeroes.

Special highlights of my day were meeting:

Mothers Day 2018 Tweet

You can find my MommyHero Interview and others here:


Absolutely Love this post:


Mothers Day Competition

If you act fast, you can still get in on Happy Event’s Mother’s Day Competition

Mothers Day Competition 2018

To Enter

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3.  Share your Precious Mommy Hero Moment.  

Upload your pic with these 3 hashtags:   #HappyEvent #MommyHero #MothersDay

Hope you all have an AWESOME Mother’s Day.

You are an AMAZING Mom.

Your Love Matters.

I welcome you to pay tribute to your own Mom in the Comments below.

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