Have Some Queries About Dental Implants?  Read On for Answers to Common Queries

Are you fed up with having gaps in your smile and want something more permanent than a denture or bridge?

If you answered yes, then you have probably heard of and considered having dental implants fitted.

But it’s a big commitment and it’s completely natural for you to have some concerns and queries that need answering before you book your dental consultation.

So, if you have some questions about dental implants, read on for answers to commonly asked queries.

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Have Some Queries About Dental Implants? Read On for Answers to Common Queries

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Can you get dental implants abroad for cheaper?

You can and while technically you would save money, this is not always the best option.

In the UK, the tools and equipment used have to go through excessive checks and are of a high standard; in other countries, like Turkey, this is not always the case. And as is the way with dentistry, if poor tools are used, the results will be substandard.

Why should you get dental implants?

There are many reasons why people choose to have dental implants fitted.

They do not move like dentures do, and enable you to bite into food and chew it with no problems; you can even eat corn on the cob! Another benefit is that as they don’t move, they don’t cause sores or blisters to form on the gums, meaning that you will have a pain-free experience with them!

For more advice on why you should consider dental implants, talk to your dentist in St Johns Wood.

Have Some Queries About Dental Implants?  Read On for Answers to Common Queries |

Is the fitting uncomfortable?

This is a common misconception but overall, patients report that having dental implants fitted is not painful.

Your dental team will first numb your jaw, so during the process, you may feel pressure but nothing akin to pain.

Once the numbing agent wears off, you may feel a sensation similar to having an oral extraction but should be manageable with over the counter pain relief. If it isn’t, or you notice that the sensation is becoming more intense, talk to your dental team.

How long will it take to heal?

With the fitting of regular oral implants (endosteal), once they have been placed in your jaw, the fusing process will take between 3-6 months depending on your age and overall health.

In relation to the gums healing post-fitting, you can expect them to have healed about 2 weeks after the implants are fitted. Should it take longer than this, talk to your dental team.

Will they last for the rest of your life?

With correct care, your dental implants should last up to and over 20 years.

And yes, correct care means brushing your prosthetic teeth, keeping an eye out for gum disease and attending dental check-ups every 6 months. This will allow your dental team to check for signs of gum disease or other potential issues occurring with your implants.

You should also refrain from smoking excessively or drinking alcohol, as these are both indicated in cases of implants failing prematurely. So, stay healthy and your implants will have a long life.

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