Take Your Own Medicine

Originally Posted on 15 August 2014 by Lauren Kinghorn

I was reminded of this saying today. I was feeling irritable and then disappointed after some plans went awry.

It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day. One of those gorgeous days that seem to herald the Spring yet feel like full-on Summer. Got to love the Mother city!

It’s 11 o’clock and I’ve been chilling at home moogling at Ben all morning, when I realise I must seize the day.

The idea was to go for a walk with Ben along Sea Point promenade to do the day justice. On the way there I called a good friend who lives and works in Sea Point to see if she had time for a quick cuppa. She did. Yay!

This turned out to be where my irritation came in though. A lady at the table next to us, a complete stranger, kept chipping into our very brief conversation to tell me what she felt Ben needed. He shouldn’t have that in his mouth,he might hurt himself. He wants to get out of the pram. He looks like a hungry boy, give him something to eat. Is he teething?

We politely complied with most of her suggestions, but we got out of there as soon as possible. I think my friend could see my irritation building. As we left she said I’m sure she means well. And I agree, I’m sure she did. But isn’t it interesting how unsolicited advice comes across as criticism? I left the coffee shop feeling like the world sees me as a bad parent, yet also seething. I wanted to tell her to mind her own business.

I then took my frustration out on an unsuspecting teller at the carpark booth, who charged me a measly R5 for going 1 minute over the 30 minutes free parking. I guess the poor guy was just doing his job. Sorry I got in a huff oke.

So Ben and I head down to the Promenade for our walk. It starts off well, my blood pressure settles back to normal as I wheel Ben along in the pram. He’s chattering away happily in baby gobbledygook, which is always a good sign.

It starts to get sweltering, as its now already midday, and I’m concerned that Ben’s catching too much sun, so I turn around – noticing he’ll be shaded on the way back. Unfortunately, Ben proceeds to burst into tears. Crying turns into wailing and of course this only stops when I pick him up. So, I carry my 10.4kg boy back to the car in the heat of the day, while awkwardly pushing the pram. I’m sure most Moms can relate.

Ben is finally happy once we are in the car and on our way home again. That is, until he drops his sippy cup and the toys he was playing with, and I hand him the only thing I had handy – a bottle of water. Normally, this would amuse him for a good while but it lands up being another move I regret. Ben puts the bottle in his mouth and the lid gets wedged in between his teeth, causing jaw pain. I have to yank it out. Poor Ben now screams for the last 5kms home.

Once I’m back in the safe zone of our bedroom, nursing Ben, with the rhythmical calming sounds of the waves crashing on the shore of the beach a few metres away, I wonder why I left home at all this morning. Ben and I were happy before we left and we are happy again now. And the disappointment of our failed expedition descends. I start to berate myself for making bad decisions.

This is when I decide to take my own medicine, to heed my own advice. I know how to shift emotions quickly and easily. I tap them out with EFT, and voila! My mind is as at rest again… much like Ben’s as you can see below. When he wakes up his tears will be forgotten. As will my disappointment and frustration. I choose happiness. I choose peace.


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