Avoid Coffee And Certain Vegetables While Pregnant

What to Avoid While Pregnant?

What are you not consuming during your pregnancy?  The list I remember from when I was pregnant, were the following:

  • Wine (alcohol)
  • Sushi
  • Soft Cheeses
  • Biltong

I did not abstain from drinking coffee… after reading the info in this contributed post, I think that was a mistake. I certainly did not know you should give some veggies a skip during pregnancy either.  Read on to find out what to avoid while pregnant.

Avoid Coffee And Certain Vegetables While Pregnant

Eating and drinking become more than just fuel for the day when you’re pregnant. The energy food provides will keep your baby alive and healthy.

Helping the foetus grow steadily and at a safe rate, food and drink becomes the assurance of quality of life for you and the baby. It can become a chore also because you’re going to need to eat more as you’re quite obviously eating for two people now.

Getting sudden urges and cravings for foods that you wouldn’t normally eat is quite common. And here the first battle of food is fought as just because your hormones are telling you to crave something doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Avoiding certain food and drink will avert pains and complications with the birth. There are lots of books and articles in the public domain that help and inform women of the things they should steer clear from. Yet, every pregnancy is different and your biology is unique to you only. To limit the larger factors, what things should you not consume just in a general sense?

Did you know to avoid these foods while pregnant? I didn't. #WhattoAvoidWhilePregnant #WhatFoodstoAvoidWhilePregnantNo more black gold

Our society is hyper-charged nowadays and that means, everyone is getting so much done so quickly. It’s a world that never stops to yawn or sigh, we just keep working and working.

To fuel us, coffee is seen as liquid black gold. It’s caffeine-rich, boosts our nervous system so we’re more alert, can think and act quicker and wake our senses up from a groggy early morning.

However, if you’re pregnant, the things that you would normally take for granted sometimes become your enemy.

You would think coffee may be helpful to you when you can hardly get a good night’s sleep since you’re visiting the bathroom a lot while pregnant but caffeine is not something that is recommended to be consumed as it does more harm than good.

It’s advised to not consume caffeine at any point during the 9 months.

Consumption of caffeine when pregnant has been linked with childhood obesity, abnormal births and even miscarriages. You’ll also spend more time awake and when you need as much rest as you can get, this is counterproductive. It may also increase the baby’s heart rate which is not good for his or her health.

Just passing through

We certainly don’t feel or look our best when we’re pregnant. We get sweaty, put on weight, have swollen joints and faces and tend to lose our womanly charm. It’s part of the process so don’t feel too bad about it.

What is embarrassing, however, is when you get gas. Getting gas while pregnant is common because as the baby grows and grows, your uterus puts pressure on your intestines. Any normal gas buildup is amplified and the pain becomes worse than what you may be used to.

If you read that article, it states healthy foods are sometimes the culprit for gas, as vegetables like:

  • sprouts
  • beans and
  • celery

do produce gas as our intestines are breaking the molecules down. If this is happening to you, it’s time to find other foods that will supply you with the nutrition your baby needs without the unfortunate pile-up of gas in your guts.

Stay informed and learn how to avoid getting gaseous pain after eating what you thought would improve your health.

Did you know to avoid coffee and these gassy veggies while pregnant?   What’s on your Hit list of things to avoid during pregnancy?

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2 Replies to “Avoid Coffee And Certain Vegetables While Pregnant”

  1. Patty

    Wow, I had no idea these things weren’t good for you when pregnant.
    I ate all those veggies and drank lots of coffee during my first 3 pregnancies, and my boys are all fine. My last pregnancy, I ended up with Gestational diabetes so I was put on a very strict diet. No caffeine, no alcohol. My diet was really restricted. My sugar levels were normal and i was also on Insulin. And that baby was born with a disability.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Oh my goodness, Patty. Thanks for sharing your fascinating story. You gave me so much food for thought. Do you have any idea why you suffered from gestational diabetes in your 4th pregnancy? 


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