Recycling – Are You Doing Your Bit?

Are you in the habit of recycling your waste?  Recycling has become almost second-nature to me in the last few years, yet I seldom take the time to consider the reasons why recycling is so important.  This contributed post really put things in perspective for me today, it really highlights

Why Recycling Important

For example, I never really consider recycling in my purchasing decisions.  Do you? That was a really unique perspective I hadn’t considered until this contributed post.

Recycling – Are You Doing Your Bit?

The human race is producing such a large amount of waste that the environment is starting to be affected.

The buildup of waste is filling up landfill sites and is starting to be seen in our rivers and oceans.

Recent news headlines stated that tiny particles of plastic are now commonly found in most brands of bottled water. We don’t know the effect of plastic on our bodies when consumed over long periods of time.

However, we are starting to see the catastrophic effects of plastic waste on our marine life.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay: Plastic pollution on our beaches

We live in a “throw away” society, where we think nothing of using something once and then discarding it. To lessen our impact on the world, we all need to ensure that we recycle our rubbish when possible.

We all produce an alarming amount of rubbish and this is increased tenfold when we embark on home improvements. It is important to consider how the waste created from a renovation project will impact on the environment and employ safe methods of disposal.

Thankfully, there are businesses devoted to waste collection. To receive a quote related to your individual circumstances you should consider visiting the prices page at Same-Day Rubbish Removal, who will safely remove your rubbish, leaving your space clear of debris. Same-Day rubbish removal will also ensure that your waste is recycled appropriately, so you will be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Household recycling

No matter how small you feel your contribution to recycling is, the bigger picture means that the environment is benefitting from your efforts. If everyone took the time and effort to recycle, the resulting effect would be world changing!

The first step to recycling is to consider what you’re buying in the first place.

Most supermarkets wrap foods up in a ridiculous amount of packaging to suit customer choice. If customers started to ignore packaged food and only bought loose, unpackaged items, the supermarkets may review their stance on the packaging.

Currently, supermarkets have lowered the use of plastic bags, by charging for them, but much more needs to be done.

Another way to lower waste is to buy food in recyclable packaging such as glass, paper and tin. Plastic is fairly difficult to recycle, although some plastic packaging is recyclable, so read the labels carefully.

Recycle everything you can at home. Most areas employ a system of recycling, with certain containers for different kinds of materials. Take the time to sort through everything.

Garden recycling

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Image Credit: Pixabay: Create your Own Compost

Recycling garden waste is a good way of reducing landfill as well as returning nutrients back to your garden.

Making your own compost is easy and you will be able to grow an abundance of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants from it’s goodness. By growing your own fruit and veg you are reducing your carbon footprint, by lowering air miles.

Grow trees in your garden to help lower global warming by lowering carbon as well as provide an ecological environment for many insects, birds and other wildlife.

Take time to consider the impact on the environment your waste has and the world will thank you!

So am I doing my bit?  

Yes, as far as possible, but recycling has become a bit tricky in Cape Town, my hometown, in recent months, due to the drought.  

All of our plastic recycling has to be washed (especially milk and yoghurt cartons and such like) before we hand it over to the recycling company. 

With the drought, all that washing was using way too much water.  So for certain items, we have had to choose between saving water and recycling. If only companies over here had had some forethought and re-introduced milk in glass bottles like we used to have when we were children, though of course, even glass bottles would have to be washed to re-use.

Are you doing your bit? Which goods do you recycle and do you consider waste in your purchasing decisions?

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