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I was so grateful to my husband for giving me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Mom when I first had my son. It was going to be for 6 months so that I could focus on breastfeeding exclusively. When I discovered breastfeeding didn’t end at 6 months, we extended it to a year.

Shortly after my son’s 1st Birthday, my husband started encouraging me to look for part-time jobs. I found the perfect short-term contract on Recruit My Mom, only two mornings a week at a company a few blocks away from us. I found a creche for those two mornings but my little one never settled, which meant I never settled into my new job.

My hubby agreed we could let the contract go and I enjoyed another blissful 9 months with my boy. At two-years-old, he was way more ready to start Play School and I was also ready to work. This time I decided to work from home.

I’ve learned a few things along the way that may be able to help you if you’re in a similar position. Here are some jobs that can easily slot into your daily life as a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Have you considered working from home? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. #workfromhomejobideas #wahm #sahm1. Blogging

I started out with one blog and then built three. They all now produce income, but I must warn you, it took longer than I expected. I only really started earning money a couple of years in and that seems to be the norm as a blogger.

If you have writing, editing, web design or graphic design skills and you need to make money fast, I’d suggest you rather start out as a Freelancer or a Virtual Assistant.

2. Freelancing

There are a number of brilliant freelance websites where you can start marketing your skills right away.

Fiverr is one of my favourites. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can offer a gig on Fiverr that reads something like this:

I will create an awesome consulting logo for you.

On Fiverr, you start out by charging $5 per gig, which doesn’t sound like much. But as you build up a name for yourself by producing impeccable work and receiving 5 Start Reviews from your clients, you can start charging more, with Basic gigs going for $20 to $30 and Premium gigs going for $50 to $150.

Editors and Proof Readers who have specialised to become SEO Website Content Writers are charging a small fortune on Fiverr. Have a look at Carriebloggers Fiverr profile. She charges $ 400 for her Basic package and $2000 for a Premium package.

3. Sewing or Crafting

If you’re more of a hands-on kind of person, enjoying pottery, embroidery, sewing or the like, these are also great jobs you can do from home. My Mom had a very successful business as a seamstress while raising her three children (me and my two older brothers).

The great thing about this kind of business if you’re a creative is that it’s ever changing as your children grow, one year you might be making dolls clothes and the next you’re making costumes for School plays.

I have three creative friends in my Mommy circle who have set up similar businesses at home.

  • Susanne Hobbach has created this gorgeous baby range, Petito Baby Clothes
  • Viene McShane makes the most beautiful handmade shweshwe products, under the label, Fabalula.
  • Dani du Plessis makes these stunning outfits for toddlers and pre-schoolers at Squizzles Clothing

Moms, what are your interests and passions? And do you think you can turn any of them into a business at home? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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