Tooth Loss and a More Complete Solution With Dental Implants

Have you ever considered dental implants? When you lose a tooth either from poor oral hygiene or because of an accident, it’s not only a tooth that is lost. Over time your body reabsorbs bone from your jawbone to use elsewhere in your body, because it identifies that your jawbone no longer needs it in that area. This will gradually result in your face appearing gaunt in that area where the tooth was lost. Both dentures and bridges rest above your jawbone and therefore offer no stimulation for bone growth.

Dental implants Clapham mimic your natural teeth and any replacement tooth rests on an artificial root which has been inserted into your jawbone. This stops your body from reabsorbing the bone to use elsewhere. Your body identifies that there is a need where the artificial root has been inserted and your jawbone fuses with the artificial root. You, therefore, receive a new tooth, your jawbone remains healthy and your face does not start to become gaunt.

Tooth Loss and a More Complete Solution With Dental Implants

dental implantsFunctionality and aesthetics

Anyone who has lost a tooth can testify to the trauma and how it affects them both physically and mentally. Losing a front tooth creates an immediate aesthetic problem because having a sudden large gap between your teeth alters your visual appearance. Losing a back tooth may not be as visually concerning, but it affects the way and what you eat.

Once your baby teeth have gone you effectively have one set of teeth to take you through the rest of your life. This valuable asset that you have been given deserves to be taken care of and you should not lose a tooth due to poor oral hygiene.

It highlights the importance of following a proper oral hygiene regime which must include at least one visit to the dental surgery every six months. Dentists are dedicated to helping you maintain the full function of your teeth.

They also know that your teeth have an added function, that of displaying your mood when you smile or a grimace when you are in pain or angry. The skills and experience of a dental team combine to ensure that your teeth function correctly and their cosmetic treatments can ensure that you are happy with your visual appearance.

Bringing You Long-Term Benefits

Dental implantology has been evolving since its creation in the 1950s and the technology that has developed around the science has helped to deliver a stable replacement for lost teeth. As science makes new discoveries especially in the area of bone augmentation, more and more patients are becoming eligible to have this form of treatment.

Dentists Guide, You Decide!

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If you have lost a tooth a dentist will conduct a thorough examination and discuss all your options. They will then motivate you to ask as many questions as you need to understand everything about the procedure. You are then encouraged to take your time to think about it and  let them know what you have decided. They are there to advise and guide you and the final decision is yours, either way.

One Tooth Replacement or Many?

A dental team is able to replace a single tooth or up to four teeth in a row using a single implant. If you require an entire set of teeth they are able to accommodate you using just four implants. After the procedure you will be left with a stable and secure tooth replacement that matches your natural teeth both in shape and colour.

Care For Your Teeth and Your New Crown

We hope you found this article about dental implants and its benefits helpful. Taking care of your teeth should be a natural regular daily routine and once your new tooth is in place you can apply the same care and attention to all your teeth by brushing and flossing at least twice a day.


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