(Almost) Invisible Braces Near Me

Today we are highlighting the dental procedure involving almost invisible braces. In the ever changing and growing society it is becoming increasingly common for patients to search out a method of straightening their teeth which is less noticeable to those around them. There are benefits of course to traditional braces with brackets and wires which are used to correct tooth positioning and bite problems.

In cases of severe malocclusions, it is possible that these may be more effective than invisible braces. Of course, this can only be determined in consultation with a qualified dentist. This is because your qualified dental practitioner can consider medical and dental history as well as the current health of your mouth and teeth.

invisible braces(Almost) Invisible Braces 

There are a few reasons why patients wish to go down the route of hidden braces. Some patients choose them because of a feeling of self-consciousness, others because they wish to maintain their usual aesthetic whilst also undergoing treatment.

Whatever has caused you to be interested in straightening your teeth in this way, it is worthwhile conducting a discussion with your dentist about which route/s might be possible for you. So, what kind of (almost) invisible options for teeth straightening are available to patients?

Incognito Braces

These are an alternative take on the visible fixed brace option. Brackets and wires are still used, but on the back of the teeth, hiding them from the untrained eye. Gold brackets are used which means that nickel allergies are not a problem with this form of orthodontic treatment. If incognito braces are the route which you go down, it may be beneficial to book an appointment with a hygienist.

This is because it can be difficult to effectively clean your teeth around fixed devices. Hygienists will not only be able to conduct a good clean of your teeth, but also give advice on how to clean your teeth at home, in between visits to the dentist. You may find that using particular cleaning devices will help you to achieve this. Again, hygienists can offer advice as to which kind of interdental brushes or other device would be most appropriate for your circumstance.


Invisalign clear aligners are a removable form of teeth straightening device which are made out of SmartTrack material. These flexible, transparent braces come in a series, with each one slightly different from the last. Through these slight differences the teeth gradually move from their initial position towards one of greater alignment. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, it is possible to maintain your usual oral hygiene routine while undergoing treatment. It is still important to visit your dentist regularly for hygiene purposes too of course. Regular appointments to collect the next set of aligners are often scheduled, at which your dentist can check up on your progress.

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How can I Find Out Which Method is Most Suitable For Me?

So, have we convinced you to consider (almost) invisble braces? In order to assess the best onward treatment for your needs, it is important to schedule an examination with your dentist Richmond. Your dentist would not only wish to examine your teeth and their positioning, but also will assess your bite, gums and may ask questions regarding relevant dental and medical history. Only once this consultation has taken place can a dentist discuss your options with you.



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