At-Home Aligners – Everything You Need To Know

at-home aligners

With the rise of invisible aligners, has come a demand for patients to have these treatments performed on their own time and at their own pace, including at-home aligners booming in popularity. One could visit a dentist in City of London offering these treatments, are all they’re cracked up to be?

At-Home Aligners – Everything You Need To Know

What Are At-Home Straightening Kits?

As the name suggests, at-home straightening kits are orthodontic kits that are sent to your front door, usually after an online meeting with a dentist.

The online meeting or consultation is conducted to ascertain your suitability for the treatment. If all looks good, then the kit is sent out to you.

The average kit involves a mould for you to take an impression of your teeth in the comfort of your own home, with instructions on how to do so and a box or container to send the mould back to your chosen company.

Once the mould arrives at the surgery or company, using it as a template, your dentist will go on to create a set of aligners to straighten your teeth which will then be sent back to you. In a standard aligner kit, there will be between 14-17 aligners, based on the complexity of the misalignment being corrected.

There will be instructions on when to wear the aligners, how to wear them and when to contact the dental team who has provided them to you. Just pop the first one in your mouth and you’re ready to go!


There have been some concerns over the legitimacy of at-home aligner kits, due in part to companies incorrectly sending them to patients who are not suited for them.

But in general, most dentists or orthodontists who offer at-home orthodontic treatment are regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC) and as such, are heavily regulated and their treatments are overseen and reviewed regularly.

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Advantages Of At-Home Kits

Despite concerns surrounding the safety of at-home orthodontics, there are many advantages to attempting this treatment to straighten your teeth.

The main one is cost; many patients are unaware that the costs associated with adult orthodontics are linked to the costs of attending appointments with dentists or orthodontists. And if you are having these meetings performed virtually and do not have to attend a clinic, this lowers the costs and makes the entire process more lifestyle-friendly and easier to work around a busy schedule.


The length of time that you need to wear your at-home aligners will vary based on the severity of the issue being corrected and of course, your dedication to keeping the aligners in your mouth for the required length of time.

But for most patients, the process takes between 3-6 months, with each aligner needing to be worn for around 14 days. In short, when you put the new aligner in your mouth, it will feel tight and as the teeth move, it will loosen. At this time, you should contact your supplier to ask for their advice on moving on to the next aligner in the series.


Now that you know everything there is to know about at-home aligners, why not consider investing in them? You can use them in your own time and at your own pace. You no longer have to put up with a smile that is less than perfect. Within a few months, you can flaunt a brand-new beautiful smile.


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