Invisible Aligners – A Guide To a Brand New Smile

There are many tools available for patients who are looking to straighten their teeth in their adult years. Crooked teeth can be corrected and need not be a permanent thing! Why not consider invisible aligners? In this article, how Invisalign Chelsea works is explained.

Invisible Aligners – a Guide To a Brand New Smile

invisible alignersWhat are invisible aligners?

Similar to plastic trays or retainers, invisible aligners are made from a translucent plastic film, very thin and flexible, thus making them visually discreet.

But unlike traditional braces, they are custom-fitted to the teeth. Traditionally, this was achieved using a dental mould, but in recent times dental surgeries have moved towards using intraoral scanners, to help get a better idea of the position of the patient’s teeth before treatment begins.

Using ClinCheck, a piece of computer software, the dentist can predict the forces needed to move the teeth into the desired final position.

The aligners are then printed, with a typical set containing about 14, and each one is slightly different from the last. To work, they have to be worn in the sequence prescribed.

How do they straighten teeth?

Unlike standard braces which require adjustments, invisible aligners have all of this pre-built into them. However, as mentioned before, for them to work, they have to be worn in sequential order and on average, for around 2 weeks at a time.

They also have to be worn for around 20-22 hours per day otherwise the teeth may revert to their former positions; this is a process called reversion and can be detrimental to any orthodontic procedure.

Day-to-day wear

Unlike many orthodontic tools, invisible aligners are removable, meaning that you can take them out to brush your teeth and eat food.This makes them much easier to fit around a busy lifestyle and does not restrict the foods you can eat in the same way that other orthodontic tools can.

But they do require cleaning every day; this not only keeps them invisible, but also prevents issues such as tooth decay and gum disease from occurring. Food debris caught on the aligners can become trapped against the teeth if they are not clean, gradually leading to cavities and inflammation.

It is also advisable to clean your aligners using cold water; hot water can cause warping and any use of mouthwashes can cause them to become discoloured.

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Few people are not suitable for using clear aligners.

But while it can be tempting to opt for online aligners, especially if you have a fear of the dentist, this is not advised. Before undertaking any kind of realignment, you need to attend a check-up with a dentist or orthodontist, so they can assess your suitability for the treatment.

There have been cases where patients have purchased aligners from an online supplier, only to have their teeth become more misaligned or to have the aligners not work at all; this is typical if the misalignment is too severe to be managed with dental aligners.

If you have misaligned molar teeth, you may also need a more heavy-duty treatment, such as braces to help you to straighten your teeth.


You no longer have to feel self-conscious about your appearance. There are many dental procedures and tools at your disposal nowadays. Invisalign is convenient and discreet, hence the reason why so many people choose them. Invest in invisible aligners today for a brand new smile and a brand new you!

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