9 Tips For Creating Your Baby Boy’s First Wardrobe

Baby Boy’s Clothes

By the time my baby boy entered the world, I had received so many gorgeous clothes from friends and family that I didn’t have to buy anything for him for at least the first year. Lucky for me because I’d done no shopping whatsoever as I’m not much of a planner.  I’ve probably bought more baby clothes for friends than I have for own bundle of joy.  So… whether you’re in the market for baby clothes for your own baby boy or whether you’re off to a baby shower and need to purchase baby boy’s clothes for a family member or friend, this list will come in handy.

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9 Tips For Creating Your Baby Boy’s First Wardrobe

When it comes to shopping for your new baby boy, a little preparation can go a long way.

Keep in mind, you’re going to be changing his outfit a couple of times a day, so outfits should be easy to open, uncomplicated and generally soft and comfortable with no irritating seams or tags.

As for sizing, it can be difficult to figure out which sizes your baby will need to begin with. A lot of babies outgrow their new-born or 0-3 months clothes pretty quickly, and larger babies are known to skip those sizes altogether. So, one great tip we can give you is to buy clothing in a couple of different sizes and just return what you don’t use.

How many of each item of clothing you need will depend on how often you’re going to do the laundry.

You can find fantastic baby gifts delivered online throughout Australia online and most of them include clothing options for your baby.

To help you out, here’s our top clothing list for newborn baby boys.

Are you on the lookout for baby boy's clothes for your own little one or off to get some outfits for a baby shower? This list will come in handy. #babyboy'sclothes #babyboysclothesTop Clothing to Buy for Your New Born Boy

  • Shirts
  • One-Piece Outfits
  • Pull-Ons or Leggings
  • Jacket or Sweater
  • Wearable Blankets
  • Sleepers or Pyjamas
  • Booties and Socks
  • Snowsuits or Fleeces
  • Hats

1. Shirts

Opt for about 7 shirts and turtlenecks with lots of room in the neck or even snaps around the neck to easily get on and off over baby’s head.

2. One-Piece Outfits

Some of these are just fancy pyjamas for sleeping and playing, and since babies sleep a lot, they’re convenient. Aim for about 5 to 7 one-pieces for your baby boy’s first wardrobe.

3. Pull-Ons or Leggings

Again, choose about 5 to 7 pieces. Separates are great when it comes to changing just one piece of dirty clothing without needing to assemble an entirely new outfit. Choose stretchy waistbands that are easy to pull over nappies.

4. Jacket or Sweater

Most babies aren’t fans of having clothing pulled over their head, so get one good jacket or sweater with buttons running down the front.

5. Wearable Blankets

These cotton sacks or fleeces zip over sleepwear to keep your baby boy warm at night. They’re great for replacing traditional blankets, so choose about 2 or 3 if you’re in a colder climate or your baby’s born in winter.

6. Sleepers or Pyjamas

Sleepwear with complicated snaps may look cute, but it’s just so much effort. Choose between 4 and 7 easy to put on pyjamas or sleepers.

7. Booties and Socks

You’re going to need a few booties and plenty of socks for indoors and outdoors to keep your boy’s feet warm when he is on the move.

8. Snowsuits or Fleeces

If yours is a winter baby boy, you may want a one-piece fleece suit for outings. They’re usually hooded and very cosy. You can also avoid those bulky snowsuits by slipping your baby into a comfy, fleece-lined stroller sack if it makes things easier.

9. Hats

Finally, get about three hats, preferably broad-brimmed for a summer baby and warm and soft for winter babes.

Follow these 9 tips and you’re sure to create the perfect and most practical wardrobe for your newborn baby boy.

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How many cutesy clothes did you get to buy for your baby boy? Did you get to plan out his first wardrobe or was it all given to you, as ours was?

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