The Beginner’s Guide to Bedroom Interior Design

The Beginner’s Guide to Bedroom Interior Design

While all rooms have some sort of importance, the interior design of your bedroom serves a purpose that is just for you, making it your own personal heaven—so of course you’ll want the best interior design that is suited just for you.

This is your opportunity to express your own personal style through your furnishings and decor, but it can be daunting figuring out where to start.

Decor Aid’s interior designers have come up with a few easy tips to guide you towards the best interior design for your bedroom.

Are you about to design or re-design your bedroom?  We are.  And that's why we love expert guest posts like these.  #BedroomInteriorDesignHow much room do you have?

You’ll first want to take a look at the space you’ll be occupying.

Now, whether you’d like to revamp the existing interior design of a space you’ve been living in already, or you’re starting fresh in a new home, what you are able to incorporate into the space relies solely on the amount of room you have.

When you look at the interior design NYC apartments have vs. the interior design of an open suburban area, it’s easy to see just how much space plays a role in your design.

How do you determine the best room layout?

When determining what kind of layout will create the best interior design, you’ll want to think about the way foot traffic flows in your room, and place your pieces in a way that gives enough space between objects, but has balance throughout the room.

Most bedrooms have a variation of the same major pieces:

  • bed
  • desk
  • dresser
  • nightstand
  • an accent chair

Decide which of these pieces are necessary and which fit within your space.

If you have a closet, you might forgo a dresser. If you are limited on space (as most interior design NYC has is) then you will want to pass on the desk and accent chair.

Additionally, many choose to hire an interior design service to determine exactly what they’ll be able to fit.

How to find the perfect balance?

Ensure there is balance by anchoring your bed on one side of the room, and the other weighty pieces like a dresser or desk opposite of it.

On the other hand, you can also find balance within a perfectly symmetrical layout, your bed centred.

Again, many choose to hire an interior design service professional to best optimize their layout for space and functionality.

What’s Your Bedroom Theme?

Once you have figured out what pieces will occupy your space, you’ll want to determine a theme to be threaded throughout the bedroom interior design.

Cohesion is important and while you can certainly include pieces, artwork, and decor of all different styles for an eclectic look, they should still have some sort of visual unity within that makes the bedroom interior design work.

This can be as loose of an idea as you want; perhaps you have a hint of red sprinkled throughout some of the artwork, paired with an accent pillow on your bed, or maybe all of the furnishings give off a distinctly bohemian vibe.

Are you about to design or re-design your bedroom? We are. And that's why we love expert guest posts like these. #BedroomInteriorDesignWhat colours work best in the bedroom?

Our designers recommend using more soothing colours, as this is largely a space for relaxation.

When choosing a colour scheme, the best interior design often starts with a neutral base, as it gives you the freedom to vary up your decor with mismatching patterns, textures, and colours.  As your tastes change over the years, you’ll want to choose something that can stand the test of time within the bedroom interior decoration.

Avoid bold colours or wallpaper, as these will likely require you to change them if you decide to update your bedroom interior decoration, and this is where many who hire an interior design service run into trouble.

From here, you can incorporate more vibrant, bold colours into your area rug, throw pillows, window treatments, comforters, and any other smaller decorative items included in the bedroom interior design.

What lighting should you choose?

In keeping in line with comfort, our designers suggest layering your lighting for the best interior design.

This means instead of a harsh single light source, use multiple of varying intensities to give the room a more comfortable, lived-in look. You can pair a dramatic pendant lamp with a simplistic floor lamp and a metallic table lamp for lighting that is layered and moody.

There are also additional options for a bed room interior design, like wall sconces or chandeliers to mix things up, but be sure that light is able to reach throughout the interior design of the space regardless of the style of lighting you choose.

What should you hang on the walls of your bedroom?

A bedroom should also be the place to showcase art, instead of family photos. While these are perfect for a living room or dining room—areas that promote communion and family gatherings—a bedroom is more about self-expression.

We recommend using art as the focal decor of your bedroom interior decoration, where pieces can be selected that go with the colours included in your existing theme. Or you can work in the opposite direction.

Select artwork that you really enjoy, and create the rest of your bedroom interior design around the colours, shapes, and textures in the art.

Oftentimes when people hire an interior design service, they’ll take inspiration from a piece of art and use that as a basis for their bedroom interior decoration.

This post got me sooo excited about designing our master bedroom. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Our building is coming along beautifully, the roof’s going up this week.  My husband just called me upstairs to see how lovely and big the bedroom looks now that most of the rubble is cleaned away.  

Still a couple of months to go before we start adding furniture and decor but it’s starting to feel real now.

How are you planning to decorate your bedroom?  Will you be hiring an interior design service or winging it like us?  

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