How to Make Money While On Maternity Leave

How to Make Money While On Maternity Leave

You have been blessed with the birth of your new baby, and are currently learning to negotiate all the new challenges being a new mom brings. You know, like feeding every few hours, not having time for yourself and all that other ‘helpful’ advice that everyone goes out of their way to offer.

Then, you realize just to top it all off that you have to survive on less money that you are used to.  After all, maternity pay doesn’t last forever and is rarely the full salary amount.

Luckily, there are some methods you can use to add to your income during this time. Read on to find out what they are.  ‘

How to Make Money While On Maternity Leave | Make Money Maternity Leave PinChildminding

If you are on maternity leave and are coping well to the adjustment of being a new mom, it may make sense to use that time to earn some extra money by taking care of others’ children as well.

After all, you will be at home taking care of your baby, so why not help another mother out by doing the same?

Yes, it may seem a little daunting to take responsibility for another child on but it’s also fanatics practice for when your baby reaches that age, as you will already have experienced how to cope.

In fact, for some kids having another child in the home can provide a wonderful socialization experience as they grow up, and you will still have plenty of time to devote solely to them when your charges go home at the end of the day.

All while raising a little extra cash to keep the family going while you are on maternity leave.

Working from home

Happily, there is a vast range of options that can suit moms that need to work from home while their babies are young. In fact, you can read this post how to make 5000 dollars fast to find out about a good selection of these, as well as some other money making ideas such as investing and starting up your own business.

The latter being something that can be hugely satisfying for moms, as it gives them something grown-up to focus on.

Don’t forget either that there are many companies now that can offer part-time or flexible roles that you can do from home including data entry, being a visual assistant, and even copywriting.

Something that will allow you to indulge your creative side as well as generate some extra income.

Reducing your maternity leave

Lastly, an option for some mothers is to reduce the time they take on maternity leave. Then, they will be back to working regular hours and have the money to match. Something that can make all the difference when you have diapers, and baby accessories like strollers, and car seats to pay for.

Of course, this can be partially difficult when you have newfound responsibilities as a mother. Therefore many moms chose to return part-time, or even consider a different career altogether that allows them to spend more time with their children, and still earn enough to support their family.

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One tip I’d like to share is to start creating a business that earns you passive income when you start planning to conceive. 

If you can set up an income producing asset, like a blog or a small business, BEFORE baby comes – if you could write a book, create an online course or set up an Etsy store, for example, you can be generating income on autopilot while you’re focusing on your baby. 

In the early days of parenting, it would be awesome to have a business that’s already hands-off or at least easy to manage.

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