What You Need to Know About Botox Injectable Cosmetics

What You Need to Know About Botox Injectable Cosmetics

Botox is one of the harder injectable cosmetics to deploy but it has found its way onto our high streets via dental clinics that have the skills and techniques to inject these muscle relaxants precisely into clusters of facial muscles, effectively freezing them for 4 to 6 months.

This localised paralysis reduces the tension in the surrounding area and therefore the appearance of wrinkles or smile lines. Botox injections have been widespread since the late 1980s and are considered safe when used appropriately by trained medical practitioners.

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The bacteria that makes the toxin is cultured in large fermenters; it is quite similar to the way beer is brewed.

After a culture is filtered and packaged into vials for use in clinics the application needle is extremely fine, as the volumes injected during your average Botox Dublin treatment are extremely low (less than 10 ml for the whole treatment).

And a whole treatment could consist of more than 20 injection sites, each one feeling similar to a mosquito bite according to those who have experienced it.


There are several medical conditions and long-term medications that would react badly with these procedures. It is important that whichever practitioner you have to perform your injection has a thorough conversation with you about your full medical history and any currently prescribed drugs you are taking.

Most injection side effects are very minor and go away within 1 or 2 days of being injected. If you have any persistent side effects that last for more than a week, you should get in contact with your doctor.

Serious side effects include blurring of vision and shortness of breath. If you experience either of these, get into immediate contact with your local hospital.

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Finding a practitioner

One of the best and widely available options for finding local Botox practitioners is to explore dental surgeries. This is because there is a big overlap between the skills required in dentistry and those needed to perform successful treatments.

Solid knowledge of facial anatomy is extremely helpful but this must be paired with skills in facial aesthetics.

You should always ask whichever practitioner you have found for a portfolio of past work. Another important reason why you should have these treatments carried out in a dental clinic or dental surgery is because of their back and supply chains.

Dental clinics are well associated with many medical suppliers and drug suppliers along with having the ability to write prescriptions. This means that certain products used in their clinic are highly unlikely to be counterfeit, unlike beauty salons or spas that have been known to source medical products directly from online portals with little or no reassurance of their quality. This can result in cheaper treatments but a far greater risk to the patient.

Repeating treatments

The effect of Botox treatment is temporary and is not expected to last longer than 4 months. Repeating treatment is common; most practitioners will be happy to book you in for future treatments if you have had experience receiving these in the past.

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