3 Reasons You Should Reexamine Your Idea of ‘Mom Style’

Women, whether they are moms or not, use the term “mom style” to describe clothing that could be characterized by these words: old, baggy, frumpy, outdated, not trendy, etc.

This is highly problematic as it puts moms (of all ages) into a category and box of being “unfashionable.”

Except for when things like baggy, high-rise jeans, also known as “mom jeans”, become trendy.

Mom Jeans

But “mom style” isn’t something that should just be borrowed when it’s convenient or trendy. It should be celebrated and redefined.

Of course, with the plethora of clothing brands women have to choose from, there are—understandably so—brands that are created for specific age groups and lifestyles.

But while some groups of women are encouraged to style show-stopping or head-turning looks, the norm for moms has been to blend in or fade into the background and don’t—in any way—draw attention to yourself.

However, it’s time to redefine “mom style” and break the boundaries so that moms can feel celebrated, confident and divine no matter what they are wearing.

Removing these barriers will also help eliminate the mom bias many people possess.  For example when people say:

“She’s a mom, she shouldn’t be wearing that.”

Can we all agree that it’s 2020 and anyone can wear whatever they want?

If you’re grappling with the term “mom style” and are looking to redefine your own look or what it means to dress like a mom, here are some style tips that are way cooler than the average to help you break out of the stereotypical mould so that you can feel confident being you!

1. Only Use Positive Words to Explain Your Style

The first step to reclaiming your style is recognizing that “mom style” doesn’t have to embrace any of the terms listed above and neither does your fashion sense. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start dressing a certain way. Moms may have a similar uniform because they have to balance so much, but pay attention to words you use to describe your style when you don’t feel your best.

Instead of Criticizing Yourself

Try to turn negative thoughts about your style or outfit into positive affirmations.

For example, you could turn this statement,

 “I really don’t like my outfit today. I should have dressed up more. I feel lazy


“I am glad I chose a comfortable look to wear today because I really needed the flexibility, but tomorrow, I am going to treat myself and aim for an outfit that makes me feel sexy.” 

These positive affirmations will boost your confidence and associate positive feelings with planning outfits.

Fill Your Closet with Clothes You Love

2. Fill Your Closet with Clothes You Love

Feeling uninspired by your current digs or looking to reinvent your style?

Take yourself on a little online shopping spree to a plus size boutique to stock up on staple clothing that can be dressed up or down and paired with anything. Having these basics in your wardrobe will allow you to embrace any style or genre you want to.

What's your "Mom Style"?  Is it frumpy and outdated or on-trend? Here are 3 Reasons you should re-examine your idea of Mom Style.  #YourIdeaofMomStyle  #MomStyleTipsVersatility Is Key

If you can find on-trend, fashion-forward clothing that works for different looks, occasions and seasons, like plus size jumpsuits and rompers, you’ll be able to build endless outfits. And when you’re able to effortlessly create looks you love, you enhance your style and confidence.

Incorporate Statement Pieces that Excite You

Have you ever come across a piece of clothing that made you ask yourself, “Where would I wear this?” It’s time to buy those pieces now!

We’re thinking sequin blazers or a sleek moto jacket will instantly add emphasis to staple pieces like plus size midi dresses. Not only will these pieces have your style feeling refreshed, but you’ll also feel like you’re on cloud 9.

3. Make Time for Style

As a mom, we know your time is very limited, but in order to take charge of your style and reinvigorate your passion for fashion, you’ll need to kick some extra time toward creating outfits. Here’s how:

Plan Outfits Ahead of Time

Before you go to bed every night, plan out your look for the next day.

Your Go-To Outfit

If you find yourself feeling uninspired by your outfit and chalk it up to

I didn’t have time because we were in a hurry this morning.”

I guess that’s just the way ‘mom style’ works,” have a backup outfit stored at your office or visualize a go-to look that always makes you feel confident.

Having a look you know will do the trick every time, even if you’re in a hurry, can help you beat the criticism narrative!

What’s your “Mom Style”?  Is it frumpy and outdated or on-trend?

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