Managing Life as a Working Mom

Life as a working Mom is tough, especially in the early days, or if you are returning to work after an extended break at home with your family.

Many Moms feel they aren’t able to give either work or their family their best and on top of this, they never have any time for themselves.  They feel as though they are failing on all counts. Working Moms feel stressed out, tired, and horribly guilty a lot of the time.

But, returning to work is something that more Moms are deciding to do. Of course, sometimes the decision is purely financially motivated, and there’s little choice involved, which doesn’t mean that there aren’t other reasons to return to work, or that there is a right or wrong reason.

If you have chosen to go back to work, it’s excellent, and it can be a fabulous opportunity to gain independence, financial freedom, and to have the career of your dreams.

If you learn how to manage work around your home life, being a working Mom can be exciting, rewarding, and a great way to set a wonderful example for your children. You can have it all, with a little practice and some careful management.

Life as a working Mom is tough, especially in the early days, or after an extended break at home with your family. How are you managing life as a working Mom? #managinglifeasaworkingmom #momguiltConsider a Career Change

The job that you did before you became a Mom might not be the one that you want to do now.

If you were unhappy or unsatisfied with work, it will be more apparent now, and you may resent leaving your family to do a job that you don’t love.

Find something that makes you happy. You may need to retrain at Bradley University first, but a career change could be key to your happiness.

Opt for Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working can make life a lot easier and give you a much better way to juggle everything.

Flexible working options differ.

Some possibilities to explore with your employer include working part-time, job sharing, or condensing the same hours into fewer days.

Leave Work at Work, and Home at Home

It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but a lot easier when you’ve got a job that you enjoy, and don’t have to spend time worrying about. You won’t ever forget your family, but try to compartmentalize.

Let Go of Any Guilt

One of the worst elements of life as a working Mom is the guilt. Let it go. You’re not doing anything wrong. Your kids will remember all of the fun that you have together, and they will be learning a lot and having fun with other family members or in childcare.

Get Organized

Organization and the best mom’s life hacks are going to make your life much easier. Get into good habits and find ways to save yourself time, and it all becomes much easier.

Find What Works for Your Family

Remember, there’s no right way to juggle it all. Find something that works for you and your family and stick to it.

Find the Right Childcare

Having the right childcare makes leaving your children much easier. Spend time exploring different childcare options until you find someone that you trust and like.

Be Honest About What You Can and Can’t Do

Be honest at work. If you are struggling, or need to make changes, let your manager know, and they might be able to help.

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How are you managing life as a working Mom? Is it going smoothly or are there days you want to throw in the towel?

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