“Embarrassing Health Problems” You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Address

Nowadays, we’re all getting a lot better about being honest and upfront about a lot of the health issues that we might not have talked about before.  However, some stigmas are harder to shake off than others.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the health issues that many women are still afraid to talk about, and why it’s important to do something about them.

Embarrassing Health ProblemsAge-related changes to our senses

From changes in our hearing to losses of mobility, some of us experience these signs of ageing earlier than others and the thought that we might be “over the hill” can be legitimately quite terrifying.

However, not addressing these changes with things like routine hearing exams means that our condition might even get worse over time, meaning we could miss our opportunity to keep hold of our youth a little longer.

The state of our teeth

When you’re not confident in your smile, it can create a seemingly paradoxical loop where you’re afraid to see a dentist about them, too. Some people don’t want to confront the truth, while others are afraid of getting told off.

However, with the help of a dentist and oral hygienist, you can make huge differences to your smile, cosmetically and restoratively.

Anything to do with sex and libido

Thankfully, the discussion around our reproductive health has become a lot easier for a lot of women.

Awareness of STD testing, and of examining our own bodies for changes has become a lot more widespread. However, changes in libido can still be hard for women to address.

From a decrease in sex drive to problems like sex addiction, there are experts who are versed to handle the questions delicately and with authority. There’s no reason to be afraid of them anymore.

What goes on in the bathroom

Some people do not like talking about or making reference to what happens in the bathroom at all. And you may be embarrassed to even think about occasional incontinence.

However, it’s much more common than you might think, especially in women who have had children in the past. Aside from behavioural changes you can make to address it, there is medication and solutions that your doctor could provide too. You can rest assured they’ve heard all about it before.

What goes on in our heads

Stress, depression, anxiety, and other emotional health issues have all become a lot less taboo, and more people are talking frankly about them than ever.

However, if you still have trouble opening up, even to a doctor, then it might be worth looking at the free phone and online helplines that can you a place to start the process of opening up anonymously.

It can be hard to get over the stigma surrounding certain aspects of our health. However, there are professionals out there who can deal with them in the understanding and experienced manner in which we need.

The sooner we address those concerns, the less likely they are to become a serious complex for us.

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Are there any embarrassing health problems you’re afraid to discuss openly?

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