Sustainable Energy Facts Moms Need to Know

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Do you ever get the feeling that your children know more than you do about the world? They learn so much and so quickly in their formative years, their brains really are like sponges soaking up knowledge.

Sustainable energy is one of those big subjects we know we should understand but probably don’t.  Maybe you’ve heard of sustainable energy before but are not entirely sure what it entails. So let’s fix that.

Renewable energy refers to the energy that can keep up with the energy demands today without the risk of expiring or depleting as it can be used continuously.

Sustainable energy must be encouraged since it poses no danger to the environment and is broadly available at no cost to the environment.

As Moms, we know the feeling of being stuck without electricity due to a power outage. More and more families struggle to keep up with rising utility bills. Renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, ocean and biomass are freely available and are a stable solution.

Numerous forms of renewable energy can be utilized by countries to prevent the use of fossil fuels or waste products. Sustainable energy is replenishable and helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the planet.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about five types of sustainable energy sources that can be used for generating electricity.

5 Sustainable Energy Sources that Can Make a Difference

5 Sustainable Energy Sources

1. Solar Energy

This is one of the most valuable and best forms of renewable energy and it typically manifests itself via two methods:  heat and light. Both forms are essential in the same way as it can impact day to day living and various forms of life.

For example, plants need light to mature and produce food. Humans require heat energy for maintaining healthy body temperature and to provide electricity to industries and homes. This makes solar energy is the highest form of renewable energy. It can be utilized in two ways with more substantial results than any other type of energy source.

With solar energy, we can continue to coexist with nature without causing further damage to the environment.

2. Wind Energy

The wind is a renewable energy provider. It can be obtained naturally and can be used for generating vast amounts of electricity that can be utilized in multiple methods and places.

Numerous companies have invested laboriously on windmills and power grids to tap into this source of energy. The electricity produced can be sold to more individuals to power their businesses and homes.

Sustainable Energy Sources3. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy utilizes energy from beneath the ground. This happens through building geothermal power stations that can take advantage of the heat coming from inside the earth to subsequently produce electricity.

This type of energy, however, cannot be employed everywhere since high temperature is required for producing steam that can power the turbines.  It can only be harnessed in areas that possess high seismic movement and are susceptible to volcanoes.

4. Ocean Energy

Earth consists of about seventy percent water. We have massive oceans at our disposal with a substantial potential of deriving energy from the ocean, more than with any other energy source.

Renewable energy could be harvested from the ocean in three ways: tidal, wave or OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion).  Tides have mammoth power which can be effectively utilized for generating tons of energy that have the potential of powering millions of homes.

5. Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is generated through the burning of landfills, wood, agricultural waste, timber and municipal waste. It is entirely sustainable and doesn’t emit any toxic gases like carbon dioxide which is the main culprit for the increase in global warming

Even though carbon dioxide is formed by burning such products, it is similarly compensated when plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Biomass energy helps with reducing landfills but are typically not as efficient as fossil fuels.

Now… armed with these sustainable energy facts, do you feel you can hold your own in a conversation with your child about this fascinating topic? 

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