Breastfeeding Toddlers

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Breastfeeding Toddlers

Breastfeeding has become a hot issue and Moms breastfeeding toddlers are considered bizarre in some cultures.

Having children is the most laborious task for every mother! Shhhhhh! I’m not supposed to say this.  It is true nevertheless. However within this cycle is creation itself, so it’s actually an honour!

Let’s have a look at breastfeeding as a whole to see whether we can ascertain whether breastfeeding toddlers is a bad thing.

There is a reason why a woman’s breasts sit near her heart. Anything that is said to be ‘heartfelt’ is something sincere. Yet these are just words that we use. Let’s try and describe the process.

Anything ‘heartfelt’ is something that feels a certain way, both for the person feeling it and for the person to whom it’s directed. How is it possible for the one to whom this emotion is directed to feel it? How do you get to feel that the gesture coming from someone is sincere? This is because beneath the picture of what we can see is a river of energy that connects us all. We feel it and connect to it in so many different ways. The organ from where we identify the positive vibrations of this field is the heart. That is why we say something is ‘heartfelt’.

So now imagine that babies do not only sense this field, they get the opportunity to get connected to it directly through their mother’s breast. The mother feels great love for her child, the heart beats and pumps this love directly to the child as it breastfeeds. This love strengthens the baby’s psyche and body in readiness for it’s life on earth. A mother has been exclusively given the power to give life to her baby through pregnancy and breastfeeding. These are tasks that she cannot share with anybody else. So yes, this is an honour.

Breastfeeding a bacropped-Selina-17-e1453816086870.jpgby is much, much more than just milk.

As Lauren Kinghorn expressed in her e-book, ‘Don’t Give Up On Your Worst Day

Breastfeeding is a powerful form of communicating your love to your newborn. And interestingly, as you start breastfeeding, the so-called ‘love hormone’ (oxytocin) floods into your body, and you are instantly filled with a sense of peace and adoration.”

I cannot imagine how upsetting it is to have a baby and not be at peace. This is potentially what a non-breastfeeding Mom misses out on.

Scientifically breast milk is superior to any other food you can give to a baby. For example, breast milk is one of three sources in the world to have the highest percentage of lauric acid, which has antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial (possibly cancer fighting properties). Yes we give goat, cow or other formulas, but human breast milk is the one that was meant for a human baby and that is why it is the best for the baby. I wonder why no-one has decided to feed a calf that loses it’s Mum with human milk! Would it survive better, I wonder?

I totally understand when a Mom cannot breastfeed her baby due to medical conditions, but why do so many mothers choose to give their babies something else when they are capable of feeding their baby with the best food – for free?

It is also scientifically proven that a baby that is not cuddled is physically weak. Actually if not loved it can fall ill and die. Human contact for a baby is also crucial to it’s survival. And this contact does not necessarily have to be only from the mother, although the mother’s touch is the best. It can be from any caregiver. Now imagine a baby who is not only cuddled, but also actually plugged to this flow of life giving energy through the mother’s breast. How much more of an honour can breastfeeding a baby be! It’s a life-giving process.

Breastfeeding Toddlers happyhumanpacifierI met a Mom who declared she will never breastfeed. When I asked her why, this was her reply, “I have carried that baby for nine months and I want my body back!”

Poor baby! It will never know the feeling of being directly fed with love! And the mom? She may never know the depth of love and adoration she could have felt while nursing her newborn.

Here is the sad situation in today’s world. In some countries women are being made to feel that breastfeeding is shameful. Feeding a baby is being heralded as sexual or embarrassing and women find it hard to breastfeed their babies especially in public.  Are we not supposed to feed a baby on demand? I know, in today’s world the baby needs to learn to wait! Now, as you know, a baby’s body grows at a very fast rate and for every moment it’s asking for milk, it’s in need of an immediate building block. Is it possible to make sense of the idea that the baby has to be trained to wait? Is it possible for the baby to harness it’s growth for a while, while it waits for supplies from it’s mom who has decided to TRAIN the baby so that she can have more free time? I wonder.

Men are also claiming the milk and life-giving twins as theirs to enjoy, leaving babies in the cold. Seriously, a mother’s breastfeeding period is quite short-lived.  Why make a fuss? I totally understand that men feel sexual about breasts but, really, to make women embarrassed to feed their babies, is tantamount to committing murder! This statement is not a joke. That deprived baby is a dying child. Sooner or later the weakness will show in the immune system.

I will not go into the other details about how breast milk is better because many experts have written about this and the information is much, much better than I would express. But really, can the world wake up and stop going against nature? I think it’s even better to go the other extreme. From my understanding it is even more beneficial to continue breastfeeding a child beyond the baby phase and into the toddler phase of their lives.

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2 Replies to “Breastfeeding Toddlers”

  1. Mara

    What a great article! I totally get it – I breastfed our daughter as a baby and loved it. Fortunately it came easily to us both, but I’m so glad you have acknowledged that there are some Mum’s for whom it’s just not possible. They should not be stigmatized if they are unable to. For me, the peace and love surrounding breastfeeding is a wonderful thing. with the emphasis on peace. This peace can be broken by stress – and in some culture the stress caused by breast feeding in public can overshadow the actual experience. The energy field you speak about can be positive or negative, and babies will soon pick up on any stress a mother feels – from breast feeding or anything else! Breast feeding a toddler is another whole ball game – I think in Western society in particular you have to be exceedingly confident to do this! Really interesting article, and I hope lots of Mums read it.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thanks for your wonderful comments Mara. So glad you enjoyed Danielle’s article.


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