Clear Aligners: Are They Worth the Price?

Invisalign London is a significant investment in time and money. But are they really worth the price? If a dental patient with a misalignment is not severe enough to deal with it in childhood, why go to the bother of dealing with it as an adult?

are clear aligners worth the priceClear Aligners: Are They Worth the Price?

Cost Of a Misalignment 

Dental misalignments have often been minimised in adults who see the opportunity for treatment as something that has closed. So, they simply have to put up with their dental position as it stands despite how it might make them feel.

The advantages of straighter teeth are considerable, such as how it will impact confidence and self-esteem along with the opportunities that open up with that.

There are significant medical drawbacks and hygiene limitations that come with crooked teeth; misaligned teeth can be very challenging to brush, let alone floss. With 40% of a tooth’s surface only accessible by floss, this is a significant risk factor for cavities and gum disease.

Invisible Aligner Treatments 

Invisible aligner treatment is a series of plastic forms that progressively move your teeth into new positions. This aligner has turned the very concept of orthodontistry on its head.

Instead of having a tool in the patient’s mouth that has to be regularly adjusted by professionals as they guide the teeth into place, all of the required movements are pre-designed into the sequence from the very beginning.

This significantly reduces the amount of time required, reducing costs and making the entire process more convenient. It also makes it more comfortable. Unlike a traditional brace which has to last the entire course of treatment, clear aligners are only expected to survive a few weeks of wear and tear. This allows them to be much lighter, thinner and more comfortable, and standards-based.

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How Long Is Treatment Likely To Take?

Treatment times vary significantly from patient to patient. Simple realignments could be done in 6 months but most are done within a year. Using aligners for much longer than a year is likely to be helpful.

In such cases, a brace would be a more suitable treatment. This is with optimum compliance. These aligners must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day. If they are worn for less than 22 hours a day, it will significantly increase the overall length of treatment.

How Long Should I Wear Each Aligner For?

Each aligner should be worn for approximately two weeks but it is very easy for patients to stick with the older aligner for too long, hence a set of indicators have been added. On the very edge of the aligner due to wear and tear, they fade and once they have disappeared, it’s time to switch to your next aligner in the series.

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So Are Clear Aligners Worth The Price?

This depends on what you value. If you don’t mind spending the extra time cleaning a standard brace, if you don’t mind the reduction in your food choices or you’re below the age of 18, you can therefore have a standard brace covered under NHS policy.

If you do value your appearance in a professional capacity, or you are a working adult and do not wish to be restricted in your food choices, most definitely.


We hope you have found this post about clear aligners and whether they are worth the price, useful, and that it has given you the peace of mind whether you are making the right choice or not. Invisible aligners are not just a more affordable option. They are also a more aesthetically pleasing and convenient option.

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