Designing An Industrial-Style Kitchen

The industrial aesthetic is very popular in interior design right now. People like the minimalist feel of it and it makes a nice change from some of the more polished interior design trends in recent years.

If you want to incorporate this look into your home, you need to think carefully about where it will work.  It’s not the ideal style for a living area because you want it to be more homely. However, it works brilliantly in functional spaces like the kitchen.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel soon, here are a few tips to help you get the industrial look right.

Designing An Industrial-Style Kitchen

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Embrace Bare Walls

If you are looking for a minimalist look, bare walls are perfect. They not only look striking but they also make your kitchen feel more spacious. People often struggle with this concept because it goes against the normal interior design rules they follow. However, if you leave walls empty instead of covering them in decorative items, it helps you create the open, industrial warehouse feeling.

If you have any brick walls in your kitchen, you should expose them instead of painting them. They make a great feature and it works perfectly with the industrial aesthetic.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel soon, take a look at these few tips on designing an industrial-style kitchen to give your kitchen an ultra-modern look.Don’t Be Afraid Of Open Space

Another important aspect of this look is open spaces. You want the space to feel open and bright, not claustrophobic. Knowing how to use open space is an important part of kitchen designs, but it’s something that people often struggle with. Remember, less is more, so don’t put any unnecessary items in the kitchen and work with the natural flow of the space. Having room to move makes the kitchen more practical and the wide-open spaces give that great industrial feel to it.

Use Reclaimed Materials

One thing that defines the industrial look of this style is reclaimed materials. They are quite popular in industrial designs for homes, so if you can include these items without spending too much money on them, you should do it. Giving any item a second life means it already has history and character attached to it. As well as making your new kitchen feel more unique, they also tie into the whole industrial look perfectly. Things like old road signs or even reclaimed wooden shelves are perfect for your industrial kitchen.

Get The Lighting Right

Lighting is crucial in an industrial kitchen because it can easily end up looking a bit dull and gray. The best way to avoid this is by incorporating different lighting options.

As well as the standard overhead lighting, you can add some strip lights underneath the cabinets and maybe add a few lamps around the place too. By having multiple lighting options, you can change the mood in the kitchen and make it feel a bit more homely if you want to.

You could even consider using smart lights to create an automated smart home kitchen. This makes it quick and easy to change the lighting whenever you need.

Follow these simple tips and you can create an amazing industrial-style kitchen in your home.

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