5 Telltale Signs Your Home Isn’t Big Enough For Your Growing Family

There’s no denying that having a family is something that makes you feel truly blessed. You’ve got a loving life partner and one or more happy and beautiful children that you watch grow up every single day.

The thing is, if you live in a relatively small house or apartment, you’re going to find that space becomes even more limited than it does now as your kids grow up. Moreover, if you decide to have more children, things can get quite packed in your abode.

One obvious solution to such a problem is moving to a bigger home.

However, if you’re on the fence about whether such a move is right for you, check out these five telltale signs that will help you make up your mind once and for all.

5 Telltale Signs Your Home Isn’t Big Enough

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1. You’ve Run Out Of Bedroom Space

One of the most obvious telltale signs you need to move from your existing home and upsize is that you’ve run out of bedroom space. Many larger families living in smaller homes, for example, end up with kids sharing bedrooms.

As you can imagine, that’s never a perfect situation. If your kids don’t have their own bedrooms, it’s time to consider a move to a larger abode.

Are you feeling that your living space is limited and it may be time to move? Here are 5 telltale signs your home isn't big enough for your growing family.2. There Is Too Much Clutter

Your family is undoubtedly growing, but so too are your possessions. That’s because there will be an increased need for all kinds of items, and you’ll end up with all sorts of weird and wonderful toys, tools, and other random things spread out across your home.

If you move to a bigger house, you’ll have better storage facilities at your disposal for all the items your family has accumulated over the years.

3. Your Needs Have Changed

Sometimes it makes sense to move to a bigger home not just for having greater living space but also to acknowledge that your family’s needs have changed. For example, you might want to live in a home closer to the city or specific local amenities like schools.

You might also have accepted a job in a nearby area, but you hate the commute and wish it wasn’t as stressful for you each day.

4. You Don’t Own Your Home

It makes perfect sense to buy a bigger house that you can call home if you’re renting. For many people, the process involves saving money for a downpayment, getting a mortgage arranged, and choosing a new home.

If you don’t have enough money for a downpayment, you could always consider an FHA loan. Take a look at these FHA FAQs for more information.

5. You Can’t Extend Your Home

Last but not least, if you’re a homeowner already but can’t extend your home, either outwards or by getting an attic conversion, the logical option is to sell your home and move to a bigger one elsewhere.

Furthermore, you can choose a bigger house that offers future expansion opportunities if you want to create more rooms in your abode later.

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