Simple Ways To Get Your Little One To Sleep At Bedtime

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Sleep.  Aah… that should be a four-letter-word when you’re Mom to a littlie (or two or three).  Part of our job description is lack of sleep, right?  Especially when you’re bad at sleep routines like I am and not keen on trying on sleep training.

I’ve found we go through phases when my little one is happy to go down for the night and phases when he’s not.  Right now, it’s taking me about an hour and a half to get through our bedtime routine, and so, invariably, I fall asleep with him at about 8pm.  Sometimes I even fall asleep before him!  Oops.  We’re still cosleeping so it’s no real biggie, my hubby could do with some attention though.

I really enjoyed the gentle advice in this contributed post.

Simple Ways To Get Your Little One To Sleep At Bedtime

You have just put your child to bed, and you are finally settling down to relax.

Moments later you hear the familiar sound of your child’s feet tip-toeing from their room. “Mommy,” they call, and putting down your well-earned cup of tea, you sigh, get up from the sofa and resign yourself to another sleepless night!

Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Motherhood is a joy, but many mums will affirm, bedtime is a problem. Fear not. Here are some tips to help you.

Focus on your child’s comfort

If your child isn’t sleeping, the bed may be the problem.

For toddlers, we recommend the cots and cot beds from Cuckooland that have been designed to give your child the best night’s sleep possible.

You should also buy a decent mattress, particularly those made of memory foam, as it will reduce the amount of time your child wakes up in the night.

Bedding is also important, so buy something with anti-allergy fabrics, particularly if your child is sensitive to particular sheets.

Get into a routine

Children need a routine, so boundaries need to be set.

For a young toddler, this might be dinner, playtime, bath, story time and then bed. Follow this routine every night, so your child knows what to expect.

While your child may make a fuss from time to time, be firm, as the moment you break the routine, the harder it will be to get your child to settle down in the future.

Make bedtime inviting

We have already mentioned storytime, and this is something young children look forward to. The comforting sound of their parent’s voice helps them to relax, and sleep won’t be too far away.

However, there are other ways to make bedtime more inviting.

  • You might want to sing with your child or play familiar music in the background.
  • Their bedding might be themed around one of their favourite tv shows.
  • A cuddly toy can be a sleeping companion.

So, anything that can make going to bed more inviting and attractive to your child, the better!

Work as a team

Putting your child to bed isn’t only your responsibility. If you have a partner living with you, ensure they play their part too.

Otherwise, you will end up being ‘bad cop,’ while daddy (or mummy) avoids the heat and temper tantrums.

Take turns returning your child to bed, and eventually, they will understand that you aren’t the only one laying down the rules.

Get rid of the monsters

Monsters are the bane of many a parent, and they are a reason why children often struggle to sleep. You know they aren’t under the bed, nor are they in the wardrobe or lurking in the corner. Yet, your child’s fears are real, and shadows or strange sounds can alert them to danger, and you will soon be called in to deal with this imagined threat.

For starters, take your child seriously, as to them, the monster is no joke. Then use these monster eliminating tips.

You may need to follow them every night, but eventually, your child’s fears will go away – along with the monster!


Do you have any advice for getting your toddler to sleep?

Be sure to let us know, and hopefully, we will all get some sleep at night. Thanks for reading.

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