How Total Baby Wipes Help Save Lives

Heal the World

Heal the World, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire race… I choked back the tears as my son and his classmates sang and danced along to the beautiful words of Michael Jackson.

And this is exactly why I support companies who are doing their bit to make the world a better place.

Total Baby Wipes is one of these companies.

How Total Baby Wipes Help Save Lives

Having worked with Total Baby Wipes on a couple of projects, I’ve been able to identify 3 powerful ways they are making a difference.

Total Baby Wipes

3 Ways Total Baby Wipes is Making a Difference

1. Contribution

They show they care about the greater good by donating a portion of every sale to Be the Match.

2. Products

They show they care about the little babies they serve by providing gentle, soothing baby wipes.

3. Pricing

They show they care about the pockets of the parents of those babies by offering competitive pricing to their customers.

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See what Charlie Sheen, has to say about Total Baby Wipes…

Charlie Sheen Total Baby Wipes

1. How Total Baby Wipes Help Save Lives

Total Baby Wipes donates $1 for every box of baby wipes they sell to Be the Match.

Be the Match is a Non-Profit Foundation that matches bone marrow donors and cord blood donors with blood cancer patients who need them.

Thousands of children and adults are diagnosed with diseases like leukaemia and lymphoma every year.

Bone marrow and stem cell blood transplants can cure these diseases but unfortunately, family members are only a genetic match for about 30% of patients.

This is why Be the Match has focused on building up a database of over 20 million volunteers willing to donate their blood marrow and why they have collected over 295,000 units of cord-blood.

Be the Match also conducts clinical research to figure out how they can save more lives each year.

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See this post by Ludacris about Total Baby Wipes…

Ludacris Total Baby Wipes

2. How Total Baby Wipes are Healing for our Little Ones

When you open up a pack of Total Baby Wipes you find a soft, gentle product made up of 97% purified water with the healing power of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E has proven antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

They are also Fragrance-Free and Alcohol-Free making them hypoallergenic, perfect for babies with sensitive skin.

See what Influencer, Elena Bloomingdale (Millionaire Nanny) is saying about Total Baby Wipes…

Instagram Millionaire Nanny 16 Nov 2019

3.  How Total Baby Wipes Help Parents Save Money

Would you like to pay 30% less for your baby wipes than you’re currently paying?

Plus, with 800 Wipes in the box, Water Purified, Alcohol-Free and Fragrance-Free.

When you buy direct from the Total Baby Wipes website, you can benefit from their wholesale pricing.

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This post was sponsored by Total Baby Wipes. All opinions are my own.

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