How to Make Your Patio the Sunshine Hangout Spot

How to Make the Most of Your Patio

Here comes Summer… and with it those lovely long, bright sunshiny days.  While we in South Africa are experiencing shorter, cooler days and longer nights (and hopefully some rain), I am well aware that most of our visitors are in the Northern Hemisphere and enjoying the fresh feelings of Spring before welcoming in the Summer.  

If you’re keen to make the most of your patio this summer, this contributed post is for you…

How to Make Your Patio the Sunshine Hangout Spot

We’ve all waited a long time for it, but it’s finally here, the time of late nights and early mornings is upon us. Whenever the sun comes out to play, there’s always one spot in the home that receives the most attention. The patio is the place to be when you get off of work, and you just need somewhere to chill.

But why do we find it the only reasonable place to be when we could so easily be slouched on the sofa watching our favourite television show? Well, it’s like an open common room of sorts.

You have the back garden in front of you, but you’re sitting upright on a stable chair because the patio is made of some kind of stone or tile. You’re automatically exposed to fresh air instead of sitting indoors where the air is stagnant.

You’re surrounded by wildlife, and you could listen to the birds chirping until the cows come home. Enjoying this space alone doesn’t make any sense, which is why it’s the perfect hangout spot for your entire family.

Get the furniture

Patio furniture has an unfair stigma attached to it. Of course, the easy way to stock your patio with enough chairs and tables is to go the white cheap plastic route. But actually, recently designers have taken this part of home decor seriously and produced some splendid designs.

The aim is to keep the furniture light and breathable, so you don’t feel as if you’re going to be sweating buckets and end up sticking to the chair.

Wicker egg chairs are the new cheap and cheerful option. They’re strong, allow air to flow smoothly, have a great brown or beige hue to them, and they don’t cost a lot. The egg shape allows you to recline backwards and to depend on the size of the seating and back support, even put your feet up.

Other choices include synthetic fibres with plastic and metal frames. These kinds of patio chairs are usually in darker colours such as black, brown, blue, and grey.

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Keep the flow

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why the patio is the best hangout spot during the spring and summertime is because you’re inherently close to the kitchen. You can put your meal in the oven to cook and sit down on the patio waiting for it to finish.

Keeping the smooth flow between the home should be sliding doors made from large single-sheet panels of glass. The ability to shut and close them easily means you can access the patio any time you like through a large entry and exit. All the sheets of glass are certified burglar proof so don’t worry about them being easily smashed during the night when some opportunist attempts to rob you blind.

The reason why you want to keep the flow with the inside and the patio is so that children can play freely; the adults can go inside to get a fresh batch of alcoholic beverages or get some snacks without having to only use one narrower door.

Being cooped up indoors while the sun is shining is quite depressing. It won’t stick around for long so you and your family should utilize as much of its time as you can with a few patio hangout sessions.

Over to You

Did you make the most use of your patio last Summer?   Whether, you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern, you still have time to turn that around.   Summer is coming, sooner or later… bring it on. 🙂

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