Introducing… Happy Human Pacifier Events

We’ve been collecting stories of Inspirational Nursing Moms, and we’ve noticed that Nursing Moms are simply not getting enough recognition.

This is why we have decided to embark on a fun, new project at Happy Human Pacifier.

From this month onwards (July 2016), Happy Human Pacifier will be Honouring Breastfeeding Moms in the following ways:

Happy Human Pacifier Award Kelly Urban (3)

An Opportunity to be Featured on our Website

A Monthly Event to Celebrate an Inspirational Nursing Mom

At these Parties Each Chosen Mom will Receive:

An Award Certificate

A Prize

The Recognition she Deserves!

We believe all Mothers deserve to honoured, recognised and celebrated because Moms are truly amazing, each in their own special way.

We’ve got the next few months of feature articles covered, but after that we’ll be looking for more Inspirational Nursing Stories. Please email us  if you’d like to nominate a Mom for this Award.

We held our first event on 12th July 2016.  See pictures and details of our first event here and read about the beautiful Mom who inspired this event here.

We’ve also updated our About Us Page to reflect our new direction.


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8 Replies to “Introducing… Happy Human Pacifier Events”

  1. Rose

    hey I like your idea for the breastfeeding award. I have six kids and been breastfeeding my little one for ages and now my littiest is almost 2.5 and she still breastfeeds. she loves and says it’s yummy.

    It’s a job in itself breastfeeding.

    All the best with the awards.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Rose, thanks for your comments. Six kids! Wow, you deserve an award for being a Mom to all those children! Did you manage to breastfeed all of them?

  2. Blame

    Nursing moms do deserve a reward. I swear that they have such a difficult time. Why would I know that as a guy? It’s because my wife is nursing right now. It is a lot of work compared to mixing formula. First of all, your nipples become really sore so it hurts when your baby bites on you. Second of all, in the beginning you don’t get a lot of milk flowing making it extremely discouraging, because your baby can cry until she is red in the face and you still have nothing for her. Breast pump isn’t any easier either. It also hurts unless you want to pump very slowly just to get few drops of milk per hour. Not to mention you want to avoid getting your blood into breast milk. The whole process is just like a chore. I give thumbs up to nursing moms. Good for you.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thanks for your comments Blame. So sorry to hear what your wife has been going through! It’s not always that difficult. She definitely deserves a medal! Wish I could support her through this. Please suggest to her that she downloads the first 3 free chapters of my book, Don’t Give Up On Your Worst Day. Hopefully some of my suggestions will help her.

  3. Andrea Phillips

    I love what you are doing here! Mothers give so much love to their babies when they breastfeed them. They give of themselves to make sure their babies receive superior nutrition for their growth and development, and the bonding is life giving.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to endure and overcome the negative social stigma some people proliferate. So, this type of praise and support is commendable and empowering. Thanks for your efforts.


    • Lauren Kinghorn

      Hi Andrea, many thanks for your beautiful, thoughtful, positive comments. Appreciate your support.

  4. Lyndsay

    I love your website! I like your idea of the recognition awards for the breastfeeding moms on your site. That is a great why to show them how much you care about them. Breastfeeding women, I agree, don’t get enough positive recognition. Here lately I have only been hearing criticism about breastfeeding women because they express their right to breastfeed in public, which is immoral. This a great website and we need more websites like this! Great job!


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