The Real Value of Smiling

The question of ‘what is the real value of smiling?’ may be an odd one to ask, yet the answers it holds are hugely significant and relate directly to improving the quality of life one lives. Whether one smiles a fake smile or an authentic one, the very act of smiling supports a myriad of desirable rewards.

What Is The Real Value of Smiling?

A healthy smile holds abundant rewards which is why it comes as no surprise that interest in orthodontic appliances such as clear braces Clapham has seen a stratospheric rise in recent times. A UK consumer research study puts the number of times an average person smiles over the course of a lifetime to 232,000. This equates to at least 11 times a day. There is plenty to smile about too with summer sunshine topping an arm-length long list of reasons to smile. The list of reasons is wide-ranging, from seeing a baby smile to slotting into an available parking space the first time.

The impact of smiling every dayvalue of smiling

One of the wondrous benefits of smiling is that it is not only the wearer that is impacted in a positive way, but that smiling has similar effects on those around you too.

Oral Health

The first significant positive impact of smiling is that it encourages the wearer to be more cognisant of the importance of their oral health.

A happy attractive smile is also a healthy one which means the wearer needs to be on top of their dental health. Maintain a scrupulous daily at-home oral hygiene programme, have regular professional check-ups carried out and correct any dental issues with appropriate intervention methods.

Physical Health

When oral health is in tip-top condition, this spells good news for general physical health. Proper biting and chewing function aids and abets efficient digestion and absorption of essential nutrients, resulting in a stronger immune system.

Good oral health also means that it is less likely for bad bacteria to flourish in the mouth and find their way past the mouth and into the more vulnerable parts of the body via the bloodstream. Bad bacteria found in plaque, tartar and in inflamed gums are known to cause havoc in and around the heart and lungs. There are numerous medical conditions that are linked to poor oral health including lung infections, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Mental Wellbeing

The impact on mood and mental health is another significant positive impact of smiling. The simple act of smiling boosts mood by asking the brain to ramp up the production of happy-feeling chemicals. These good-feeling neurotransmitters allow us to feel positive and happy – two conditions that have a powerful influence over longevity. Seen in this light, there can be no argument as to how smiling more can help extend one’s lifespan.

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Stress Reliever

Another way in which smiling can help one live longer is by being an effective stress reliever. The disastrous effects of stress on health is well-documented and studies have shown how smiling and laughter can dramatically lower the feelings of stress.


Now that you know the real value of smiling, it is important to look after your dental health in order to enjoy the plethora of positive effects of smiling, it can be possible to make the world a better place for ourselves and others just by smiling more.

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