Why We LOVE The Milk Dealer’s Funny Instagram Posts and Reels

Don't Bite the Boob That Feeds You - The Milk DealerKhadijah Hudson, professionally known as “The Milk Dealer” has been gaining quite a buzz from her comedic approach to raising breastfeeding awareness.

Khadijah moved from the small town of Davenport, Iowa to the big city of Houston, Texas back in 2019 where she later found out she was expecting.  She entered parenthood in early 2020 as we all began to experience a global pandemic.

Although the pregnancy event was a bit of a surprise, Khadijah embraced the journey and used her social platforms to stay connected with others moms for support.

After choosing to breastfeed her daughter to give her the best nourishment to fight against COVID-19, Khadijah needed a way to balance being a full-time nursing new mom in a pandemic.

That’s when The Milk Dealer was born.


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Khadijah took an El Chapo approach to the breastfeeding world, calling herself a (Milk) Dealer as an analogy, to become a notorious milk supplier.

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The Milk Dealer’s Funny Instagram Posts

Khadijah decided she would become the support to others that she also needed for herself during those troubling times.

She became a breastfeeding advocate to create a safe place to help support, provide resources and raise awareness on breastfeeding benefits as well as the struggles it holds through humour.

Since then she’s gained notoriety from a few well-established platforms. And plans on expanding her brand to continue helping other mothers.


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Why We LOVE The Milk Dealer’s Funny Instagram Posts

1. The Timing

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought about many sudden changes and the mask-wearing, isolation, social distancing and other restrictions caused a tremendous amount of fear.

Especially because you couldn’t go into social media or put the radio or TV on without coming across a post or hearing news (or fake news) about the disease. Suddenly it was all the whole world was talking about.

New Moms already have a lot of fears coming up and they question themselves all the time. This, coupled with this new collective fear, was like fear-overload. So this is one time Moms really need some light-hearted relief.


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2.  Khadijah’s Posts are Relatable

Moms, the world over, can identify with Khadijah’s posts because they are so REAL. She tells it like it is.

Sometimes, just knowing someone else is out there dealing with the things you’re dealing with, makes all the difference. And even more so, when they share your struggles and your triumphs.


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Why We LOVE The Milk Dealer's Funny Instagram Posts and Reels | The Milk Dealer pin3. Clever Comedy

Of course, relating to someone is one thing, having a good giggle is completely another. And that’s what Khadijah does best. With her clever posts and reels, she has taken our common frustrations and fears and helped us laugh at them.

Her posts are really cute.  Khadijah Hudson has the ability to take the ordinary everyday stuff we do as Moms and make them sparkle.

She doesn’t just share one of her daughter’s milestones, she takes a picture of herself taking a picture of a milestone.  And everything she does, she does with enthusiasm and panache.

There’s something really special about someone who has the ability to laugh at themselves and who takes that gift and uses it to entertain others.  Khadijah Hudson has that gift in buckets.  She has created not just a TikTok Channel, Instagram Brand and Facebook Fan Page, she’s become a BRAND and one you can’t help but love.

And that’s also why WE love Khadijah Hudson aka The Milk Dealer.

Pop over to your favourite channel and ENJOY!

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