The Best Career Skills a Work-At-Home Mom Can Pick Up

The way that we work has changed a huge deal over the past few years, with remote working recently being boosted by the rocket fuel that is the recent lockdown. As such, a lot of moms are finding a lot more work available without having to leave home.

However, to make sure you’re able to compete for those much-coveted remote working positions, what skills should you be able to bring to the table?

Are you a work-at-home Mom? Do you work remotely for a company or for yourself? Which skills do you feel have been most handy for the transition to working at home?Work-life balance

This is a skill that you need both your personal surroundings and your employer or contractor to cooperate with. If you cannot make a certain role fit your existing work-life balance, then you may need to find one that is a better fit.

If you find that you simply have a hard time balancing work and your children’s needs, then remote working might not be the best option for you right now.

A bad work-life balance isn’t just bad for your productivity in the workplace, it can really jeopardize your ability to relax in the home, too.

Cloud savvy

Aside from the soft skills we will continue talking about here, let’s also acknowledge that there is some tech-savvy you need if you’re remote working with a larger team, too.

This includes the use of Cloud-enabled tools like that you will use to store, share, and access all manner of documents online.

If you want to work in a particular role or industry, try to get an idea of which Cloud-based tools they are likely to use, whether they be storage, office tools, or something else. Looking up tutorials and using trial versions can help you be better equipped for the job right out the gate.

Great communication

One of the disadvantages of remote working is that your teammates become more inaccessible due to the fact you can’t simply pop your head into their office cubicle.

However, in order to collaborate more effectively and avoid misunderstandings, regular communication is still essential in many remote working organizations.

As such, getting to grips with tools such as and getting used to the idea of being actively in touch with the team and being cognizant of people trying to contact you in order to respond more quickly is important.


Even if your direct superior or contractor isn’t directly in touch with you, telling you when to work and what deadlines to meet, you should still be able to carry ahead under your own steam.

Most remote working teams allow for a little more flexibility, which means slightly less accountability, but if you don’t learn how to motivate and organize yourself, your lack of results will eventually show and you can’t expect to hold that position for very long. You have to be able to direct your own working life.

The skills above are just examples of some of the most widely applicable. Be sure to check the specific skills needed for any job you apply for to make sure you’re the best candidate for the role.

Are you a work-at-home Mom? Do you work remotely for a company or for yourself? Which skills do you feel have been most handy for the transition to working at home?

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